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  1. Thanks again all gonna go for it this weekend
  2. Gonna do a rebuild and wanted to find out any tips and tricks to rebuilding these carbs. Any info on upgrading the jetting and sizes would be great. Thanks
  3. Junbug

    71' 510 won't shut off with the key

    Just finished the 2 jumper across the plug and she shuts off with the key now. Thanks again
  4. Junbug

    71' 510 won't shut off with the key

    First, Thanks guys for all the info. 2nd, This is a new project that I am working on. Old 71' that has been with me for about 15 years with a motor and trans I just bought this motor and put it in. Just got the car running for the first time. Gonna try the jumper fix
  5. 1971 datsun 510 with a 1979 620 l20b motor in it won't shut off with the key. The alternator has 4 wires, 2 on posts and 2 on a plug. Any ideas?
  6. Junbug

    280zx struts

    Hey everyone, thanks for all your help with answering all my questions about converting my front suspension and upgrading my breaks. One other question is what years 280 zx are compatible with my 71 510?
  7. Junbug

    510 suspension

    I have 1971 510 I am about to finish building. I just dropped in a l20b with a 5 speed from a 620. Now I want to go with 4 way disks. What r my options here. I was told 280 zx front and rear, also was told maxima front and rear. Any other options??? Also which is better? I want to increase breaking as much as possible. Please be specific in years, everything I would need to collect, and if I need to mod anything as I would like to get this done soon. Thank for any and all advise

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