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I've got an 85 KC 4x4 and am changing the front brakes (rotors/pads/hardware). One of the front rotors had a bolt broken off in it where it bolts to the hub, and I need one of those bolts. Napa didn't have it, and I'm not seeing it on rockauto. Does anyone know the size or part number for it?

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bolts are bolts (most of the time) and some simple measurements can source a replacement from a hardware store.




When all else fails go to the McMaster Carr web site.  They can also provide authentication to the source producer if needed.  We used them for emergency just before satellite launch replacements when I worked for RCA.  Verification to ISOC  sources was critical, and they provided it!  The world is literally full of counterfeit Grade 8 bolts.  Many "over seas" manufactures will put any number of dashes on their cheap bolt heads if the buyer asks.

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I bet Home Depot or Lowe's would have something that would work, but I didn't feel like driving all the way over. We have an Ace and True Value close by, but they literally never have anything I need. I figure I've been driving on it missing a bolt since I've had it, so another week won't hurt. It's not my daily driver. I guess I'm a little more confident paying a little more for an OEM part there since it's a big supporter of keeping the wheel from flying off.

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