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  1. mx71

    turn signal mystery

    One of the wires isn't making contact.
  2. mx71

    Bonded Titles?

    I didn't use a company here in Idaho. I just went to the DMV.
  3. mx71

    Bonded Titles?

    I went through this with a dirtbike. I just needed a bill of sale and had to have an inspection at the DMV office. I did sell the bike still having a bonded title, and it would have expired now, enabling me to get a clean title if I wanted it. I imagine that it would be harder and the inspection more thorough on a car/truck though.
  4. mx71

    85 King Cab - Sell or Parts?

    It'd be easiest for you to sell the whole truck for parts or to someone who doesn't mind driving it like that. You'd get more money parting it out, but it would take several years, if you ever do get all of it gone.
  5. mx71

    Tach Mystery

  6. mx71

    Tach Mystery

    Mystery solved. Tach was bad. It's a bummer because upon removal it's in visually perfect condition. Think it's worth anything on eBay not working?
  7. mx71

    Changing CV axle

    Got it. I'll count the splines before I fully remove it.
  8. mx71

    Changing CV axle

  9. mx71

    Changing CV axle

    Got it, thanks! Are they commonly the wrong size? I got this one on rockauto and a moog ball joint for my 85 deluxe: http://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=7130088&cc=1210352&jsn=453
  10. mx71

    Changing CV axle

    Does anyone know of a write up for swapping a CV axle, particularly in an 85? Do I need to remove any more than the bolts to the diff, the hub/washers/rings that hold the rotor on (other than popping off the top ball joint).
  11. mx71

    Separating power steering reservoir from pump?

    I found it. There were two additional bolts I missed that were caked in mud/other stuff. Also, turns out that the reservoir extends all the way down to the bottom of the pump, rather than just sitting on top like I thought it did.
  12. mx71

    Separating power steering reservoir from pump?

    All bolts are removed. Both lines are removed. I also looked at the diagrams.
  13. I got a squeal in my pump and I've got my new one coming today, but I can't get the reservoir separated from the pump. Is there something I'm missing? I don't see anything holding it on.
  14. mx71

    4x4 noise

    No bueno. I think it may be leaking from the output shaft, but I did spill a lot when I filled it.
  15. mx71

    4x4 noise

    Well, I have been driving on the freeway with it so I'll stop that. I changed the front differential oil with GL5. It was too dirty for my taste. I also greased all the grease points. Transfer case was dry. I wonder if that could have been the issue? :devil:. Hopefully I haven't caused too much damage driving it the last few hundred miles like that.

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