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Z22 head bolts


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Who cares? Extra clamping force on a head gasket. Done deal.


You also significantly reduce the risk of stripping the threads on the aluminum head. 

Stripping threads in aluminum? The block is iron.


In all my years of building Datsun racing engines, I used ARP studs about 5 times. They are completely unnecessary. If you want to spend the money, fine, but I'd rather spend the money in other areas that actually need attention.


What's the saying? A solution looking for a problem.

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...if you follow the sequence and torque specs, no extra clamping force necessary.

Who doesn’t follow the torque specs and tightening pattern on head bolts? You’d be an idiot not to.


There are numerous advantages of head studs over bolts. Look it up. Since the stud is not being moved rotationally as it’s tightened, all the clamping force is exerted in the axial direction as the nut is tightened.


With head bolts, there is rotational friction in the block as the torque gets higher and you end up with less clamping force at the same torque spec.


Uniform consistent clamping load across the head gasket. Less chance to fuck it up. Sounds horrible.

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