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410/411 parts availability


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Looking at a solid but cosmetically tired (sun baked) sedan and wanted to ask for some background on parts availabity etc.


I’ve gottten pretty spoiled by how well covered some other classics are, and know this series car may have thinner vendor support,


Major mechanicals are supposed to be in good order, but brake lines, trim, upholstery etc are all needing attention.


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Carpeting - JCWhitney sells good replacement units, you can get the same material and color as your original.


If you have the British Borg Warner automatic transmission, complete rebuild kits are still available as well as filter and pan gasket kits.  The transmission is still being used for European cars.


Sheet metal - hen's teeth!  Haunt scrap yards but be aware that most employees think these are FIAT 124s and brealk them up for scrap.  In a pinch you can modify 520 or early 521 truck front fenders to fit.


Upholstery - make new or do it yourself.  The main problem is the foam bolsters.  Depending on how the car was stored there may be nothing but crumbles left.  I stored my car either in the garage or under a good car cover when not driving it and at 20 years my foam bolsters were like new when I reupholstered the buckets myself.

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Brake - depends on just which 411 you have.  Late RL411s have a modified 510 series disc brake front brake set up.  You have to get 1968 510 disc pads to replace.  Parts stores do not recognize 1967 RL411 models.  Their problem. your solution!  "Ordinary" PL411s with the J series engine are not my area of expertise!


Tune up- use early Japanese  Isusu / "Buick" point system replacement kits.  They are identical to the original Hitachi point sets.

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Mklotz is a member her and sells brake upgrade kits for the 411. Nice upgrade for the drum brake cars and a inexpensive alternative for the RL disc brake cars. 


Being in Socal, there are a few members that have 411's in the area, like Mike that has posted above. Those guys will be indispensable for networking used and new parts. They have sure helped me a bunch with mine. Thanks again guys.    :)

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So, not quite sure what to do here. I find these achingly handsome, and expect it would be a "delicate" driving experience (which I am after) Having had to chase parts before I am not really not very eager to go down that path again.


I image the succeeding 510-series is a ton easier to source parts on.

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 The car isn't that "delicate" of a car but the consumables that you will wear out by driving it hard or often  will definitely give you a ball ache for sure.


Windshields are all but impossible to find and those with a good extra one, aren't likely to ever sell you one. .... ever.


 Tie rod ends can be probably be found if you research alternate cars ,, because of SAE thread.   BUT , lower ball joints are pretty insane to find in new shape  but ( i read on the internets) there is a company that rebuilds them for just under $300. A PIECE. 


I smash my 411 quite a bit ,, on our local idiots backroads cruises and such but i also have 3 4 parts cars in my backyard .


  510s are quite a bit higher initial investment ,, than the 410/411 but parts are 1000x easier to find,,  and be able to buy,,,,,, but if you drive the 411 regularly,  the chances are someone might walk up to you out of the blue and tell you where there might be a parts car. So there's that




 BUT having typed all that ^^^ i sold a running, driving, dependable,  510 to buy a 411 ,, cuz fuck 510,,


Style is everything






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Sorry to say, but the real only to preserving an out lander like the 411 series is to buy one early and avoid  any avoid stupid local drivers to preserve the sheet metal.  Salt free locales will definitlly help lonevitly!  It very much depends on the lack of very stupid or impared local drivers!  Choose you your recently legalized drug or stay home!

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