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  1. Let me check the wiring colors to try and figure out which is which. Thanks again for all the help (and hope you both had a good weekend)
  2. Thank you for the discussion gentleman. Eric – all I have is an idiot light now and I want to get a proper gauge on it so I can judge the effectiveness of the radiator that I installed as well as just waiting to know what’s going on with the engine.
  3. Yep, not end of the world Eric. Maybe use #14 as the location?
  4. Uh oh - I already drilled it. I am getting good radiator flow, but the downside to this approach is I won’t get a good reading until the thermostat opens?
  5. First of all, best wishes for a Happy New Year to all. Looking to install a proper coolant temp gauge, would pulling this off the car and tapping it for a threaded sender be a good approach? https://www.nissanraceshop.com/product/genuine-jdm-radiator-upper-water-neck-outlet-s14-sr20det/#prettyPhoto Thanks!
  6. Good morning and thanks for the response. Sorry for not being clear enough, looking to monitor the engine health rather than muck about with the ECU. Basically wanting to make sure that I have oil pressure and good coolant temp. It appears that the recommendation is to pull the oil pressure idiot light and use a proper gauge that indicates actual pressure. Where can/should I pick up actual coolant temp? Thanks, and will come back on the flannel shirts later. 😁
  7. OK, got it. So I should have two idiot lights, one for coolant temp and one for oil pressure. It looks like both of those would need power to a warning light, and then connection back to the gauge which would at least give me some indication of whether I’ve got an issue. Granted-by the time I see those lights I’ve likely got a very unwell engine but it’s better than no monitoring ... Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys, so in theory if it’s acting as a warning light it’s binary, in other words it either sends a signal or it doesn’t so I could wire up a white to serve as a warning? I imagine that the wiring would take power from the switch and then I would ground it? Thanks!
  9. It’s been quite a while since I’ve been out of here, hope everyone is well. I have a JDM S14 SR20DE with a Wiring Specialists harness and am wondering what engine motoring signal would be stock for that? Finding info has been rough since it is an older set up now. For example - I know I have have oil pressure signal but would that be for an idiot light or actual pressure? Any coolant temp monitoring or would that have been separate? Thanks!
  10. Literally LOL. Thanks for the candor. I am going to pass on this one, just don’t have the appiete to deal with the parts situation. This is the one in CL in Modesto. Have pictures and sellers contact if anyone is interested. Thanks!
  11. So, not quite sure what to do here. I find these achingly handsome, and expect it would be a "delicate" driving experience (which I am after) Having had to chase parts before I am not really not very eager to go down that path again. I image the succeeding 510-series is a ton easier to source parts on.
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