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  1. Agree. The Corona is sick. My next door neighbor had one when I was a kid. This thing must fly.
  2. Love it. A great color. Looking forward to seeing it on the road someday.
  3. Saw a rear seat on Yahoo Japan classifieds last night.
  4. Cool story, and thanks for the pix. Good luck on the 411!!
  5. Wonder if this project ever got on the road?
  6. Did you ever complete this project? Wondering.
  7. Got it going again. It had a clogged line or some weirdness in the fuel lines. I little air pressure was applied through the fuel tank and that cleared the debris. I poured 2 gallons of gas on top of that and that was enough. Sometimes it's the smalls that get you. I just drove a hundred miles or more in a rally. No trouble. I drove over a big speed bump way too fast in San Francisco? Car stalls and won't start. Inspecting the engine, I see that one of the clips on the distributor was loose. Clipping it back on, it fired right back up. The car is definitely my daily now. My Z hurts a new knee injury in the seating position for some weird reason. My current worry/issue is the front end. Starting to hear some metal on metal noises on the front right. I am going to inspect and plan for repairing/upgrading whatever is the issue. I would love this car more if it handled better. I know Mr. Neely has a few tricks. I will search out the link for front end parts. Thanks for your interest the the Datsun 411.
  8. Z Car Blog Entry: https://www.zcarblog.com/2020/07/03/performance/high-school-sweetheart-kevins-datsun-bluebird-sss.html The Datsun 411 off Dry Creek Road, Healdburg, CA. Me at the ZONC Show in 2018. The Rebello built R16. Stinson Beach Overlook Check out the article for more pix.
  9. I was thinking about the clearance issue. Couldn't you swap in an aftermarket radiator that was much thinner but would still do that job?
  10. Yes, I had to have mine rebuilt and it was not cheap. Works great, though.
  11. Datsun Dude

    j13 rebuild

    When I was in high school in the late 70s, I ran a PL411 with a 2 barrel Weber. It bolted right on. I don't remember the model, but just to let you know that it is the best mod for the J13, I think. The problem, I found, was the linkage. You have to custom fab that. That took the longest as I had a shop do it. It was far too expensive and took forever. I'd say, make friends with a shop that is willing to do this for you if you are not good at that sort of stuff.
  12. Been dailying the 411 since I'm working from home and it's blocking in my Z32 (batt keeps dying! lol). Yesterday, it stalled out backing it out of the driveway. I noticed a blown fuse and badly cracked fuse box. Anyone have a nice fuse box for an R16? I can use a Roadster one, can't I?
  13. Just saw a beauty go for $5K on Facebook down in Florida. You may want to keep an eye out there and on Facebook marketplace.
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