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Battery light kicks on when engine shut off


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Battery light should come on with key in ON and engine not running. Diodes don't buzz, in fact there are no moving parts other that the rotor an bearings. Sure the buzz wasn't coming from a relay nearby? or the rad hose? If alternator, check for the obvious loose wire or poor connection. 


Did the other alternator fix the problem??? You didn't say. If it did then this was the alternator or loose connection that was fixed by the replacement procedure.

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Well here we go. This is a ka conversion. I used the 240sx alternator because it looked to be in better shape along with the 240 bracket. I had the spare hardbody alt. No worky with 240 bracket. Switched to harbody bracket bolts up but belt is wrong and there is no access to to the wiring due to the 240 intake manifold. Well F me! Got to stick with the 240 bracket and alt. When engine swapping it is all the little things that will drive you nuts! Gonna get a 240 sx alt and call it good.

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I actually had switched pulleys and the original belt was too long. Couldn't access plug on alt anyways because of manifold. Then tried a 720 alt I had laying around an the hole on that is too high for the truck alt mount. About blew a gasket so walked away and will pick up an autozone reman for a 240sx and call it good.

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