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Vibration on clutch travel.. when in gear or with engine revs


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Is this pilot bearing issue wear on shaft?


Worsening recently in a 1980 200sx.. master cylinder replaced by shop. PO said it was replaced before.


Stored car , put to daily use five+ years ago.


Always had noticeable noise difference with clutch engaged.. taking out of reverse clutch disengaged , will not go back in clean even if out for just a second



Any thoughts , how to approach?

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The pilot bushing supports the front of the mainshaft with the clutch disc on it. If broken or disintegrated the clutch disc will wobble and vibrate.


If there is some grinding shifting into reverse from neutral, then the disc is dragging on the PP or the flywheel. This can be from a damaged disc or pressure plate. This could easily cause vibration too


This could also be from the release bearing collar being too long, and the release bearing still engaging the PP fingers. The clutch never fully disengages.



First thing, check that there is some free play on the clutch pedal. Push down on it with your thumb. It should have 1/16" or so of easy movement before becoming firm.

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Original clutch disk going sounds bad , and possible. Sheered crank worse.


Has free play mike, more than 1/4"


Original brakes still , thought more wear parts would go quicker. I know rubber doesn't like to sit, fork and throw out issues for sure.


Thanks guys. Definitely needs some attention.

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You could reduce that play down to where there is just a noticeable amount. This would give additional travel and disengagement of the clutch. Might get rid of the grinding putting into reverse.


Probably won't get rid of vibration.

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The master was replaced you said? Maybe other owned didn't adjust the play in the pedal when he did. Loosen the adjuster nut on the master cylinder where it meets the clutch pedal. Pill the pin out and separate them turn the adjustment out and put together. Check pedal play looking for 1/16," a few mm, of looseness. When done don't forget to tighten nut and secure the clevis pin.


This may give you a bit more clutch arm travel and disengagement of the clutch disc. (or maybe not, but 1/4" play is excessive)

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