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1984. transmission fluid options for top off.


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Hey guys.    my 1984 4x4 is still going strong..   looks like might have leak where the drive shaft comes out of the transmission.   not sure how bad it is yet..  is there some kind of seal there???  Mike says use   GL4  in tranny,  but everywhere I go in town all have GL5.. products...    the lucas stuff says  gl4 or gl5 compatible..    if I need strictly   gl4  where can I get it...    any way..   hopefully I can pull the plug     tomorrow, and check the level.    

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Nissan # 32136-U0100 used in 610/710/280z/zx/810/Maxima/B210/S10/S110/S12/A10/620/720  Easier to label what they don't fit. 


wayno I've found different makers make them thinner than the originals I pop out. This allows them to be driven into the case farther and this places the seal surface on an unused pristine portion of the driveshaft spline for a better seal. Chev front timing case seals are this way.

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Ok guys..   found some gl4.   checked the tranny level today,   and weird ,,,doesn't seem low to me.   but I don't know for sure,   so I      guess I will try to top it off at some point.    maybe its just   engine oil  running back on the tranny..  maybe the whole truck  is just one big    oozing   beast.     been driving it for    33  years   now,  just wont die......

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Ok guys.. found some gl4. checked the tranny level today, and weird ,,,doesn't seem low to me. but I don't know for sure, so I guess I will try to top it off at some point. maybe its just engine oil running back on the tranny.. maybe the whole truck is just one big oozing beast. been driving it for 33 years now, just wont die......

...how did u check the fluid?
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The oil is good for 30K miles. This means the second owner should replace it. Maybe. By the third owner all is forgotten. If you are thinking of your transmission oil, cut to the chase and replace it to be sure and safe.

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