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  1. hey mike.. yea it was the fuse. not sure why. it blew. I know i have another one some where>>>>.........I will get one in tomorrow. Let you know if it blows again. thanks ps. there is just one long nut to loosen to adjust the toe in on the front wheels right??
  2. Hey guys. well its been a while. still have the bomber. i bought new in 1984. passed emissions again with flying colors. My door is about to fall off, but thats another issue. So after work i noticed no lights on the dash. So ipulled over and got out. So no parking lights or tail lights. Blinkers ok ,brake light ok. head lights ok. i must be getting old because i cant remember if tail lights are supposed to come on aotomatically. ?? Or they come on with the first click on the control knob. so i think everything that is out is on that first switch in the control arm right?? I do
  3. Ok guys cool . Ok guys I will stay clear of anything synthetic.. I will look for old stuff. I ran Pennzoil for like 29 years. I am lucky I still have a license. I got a 14 point ticket in the middle of a blizzard going to work!!! I had the truck in 4 wd and I was having a blast in the snow! guess officer wasn't as exited as me...boo hoo... Young cop. funny thing is I was driving my truck five years before he was born. well , I probrably deserved it. My driving sucks. I need to start driving like a old man. PS [ tranny, axles, cv joints are all or
  4. Hey guys. in walmart yesterday and could not find the conventional oil in the 5 quart jug. Still have it in the 1 quart bottles. They have a high mileage synthetic blend in the 5 quart jug. Its cheaper than buying the single quarts.. So is it ok for me to go to a synthetic oil blend ??? never have put synthetic oil in the truck ever... really don't know ??? motor is at 284000 miles. Thanks ...... PS Is 5w=30 just a little thinner than 10w--30? I put a quart of 5w---30 in the truck yesterday, its all I had at the time and it was pretty low so
  5. Hi guys. just wanted to get back on and follow up on what I found out about the power steering pump. I got the leak fixed. no bearing in there. just a nylon sleeve with grooves in it. the power st fluid runs in the grooves and lubes the pulley shaft. so when I parked the truck at night, the fluid would leak out around the seal , then when it was cold out and I would start it, it would squeal really bad for at least 5 to ten minutes until more fluid got into that shaft.. so .. just wanted to share that little bit of info...
  6. Ok guys looks like my original Nissan manual is wrong again.. that manual is really junk. So theres another bolt in front that was holding it in. Got the pump all apart... And uhh yea . gonna take seal out tomorrow. but I don't see any way there is a bearing behind it, but we will see. shaft just runs in a lubricated tunnel. I know the seal has been leaking for a very long time. Could the leaky seal be making the noise on the pump??? or the casing for the shaft isn't staying lubed.?? because of leaky seal
  7. I know guys. I have been diagnosing this for a while and last year I decided it was the pump making the niose, I had a stetha scope on it numerous times and the noise was definitely in the pump.. if I am wrong so be it, but that my conclusion. I wanted it to be the adjuster pulley, believe me. I have the bearing and seals for the pump... If I cant do it, I will just have to get a rebuilt.. After I take a nap,, gonna get the frikkin thing out!!
  8. Hey guys. this sucks.. I got the pump detached but it wont come out. manual says theres 4 bolts total. 2 on a bracket, a nut and bolt in front. I can get it to move up and down. its like wedged. or something.. the lines are still on it, have not disconnected, but I don't think that's it. my arms finally gave out trying to rock it back and forth..
  9. I have had my 84 since new. still has original carb.. have to test it every 2 years. Heres what I do.. I advance timing a little. make sure you mark original spot so you can put it back. Use a clean rag and , while you rev motor by hand .put rag over carb and make it suck air, rev it preety high. This kind of cleans out carb or carbon deposits I guess. then I put about one can of iso heet to half of a tank of gas. I think I used two bottles one year. burns cleaner. Then pray you get a guy who knows how to drive a stick shift at the emission place. most those guys ne
  10. hey Guys Well i guess i a ready to do something about my power steering pump bearing..noise. every winter it gets worse and worse. so, I have bearing and seals. So . gonna get it off and see what I Got. For starters. is there a drain screw on the steering gear box??. do I have to drain the PS fluid first??. Not having much luck finding a video on you tube. My truck is a 1984 4x4 2.4 L ..... Thanks
  11. ok guys, yea its the original PS pump..
  12. Ok guys,, I have pretty much narrowed it to the the pulley bearing. so I found a bearing and I have the seal kit. I this all I need for parts??? am I good to go on this job??? Mike??? or bottom watcher??
  13. Ok guys... have pretty much ruled out the belt .. Funny, the belt didn't make noise till I put the belt dressing on. but its definitely not the noise the pump is making... I don't believe there is fluid burping around the cap. I still need to look at the fliud while it is running with the screens out. forgot about that one . I found the seal and gaskets for that pulley bearing but not the bearing yet. So, keep looking, maybe I should get a remanufactured pump. not sure yet. It does quiet down after it warms up. noise is definitely in the pump body.
  14. Thanks guys uh...yea belt is tight. I will get some dressing on the belt this week .. it has warmed up so it hasn't been acting up. I have also burped the air out and tried the additives. also tried the stop leak stuff... forgot to mention that one. have to add fuid regularly ...not much. seems worse in summer.. Its actually not a squeal noise but more of a RRRR aaaaaa rrrrrrrr aaaaaa rrrrrrrr ... grinding type sound. I have a stethoscope . and if I put the mike on the pump while its running . I can isolate that noise ..magnifies it easily. but I will get back to you you when
  15. Hey guys ...I am back!! Still got my original 1984 4x4. So that's 34 years this year... Got 2 things to address.. first here is the power steering pump...been making noise when its cold, really cold. for at least 5 years until it warms up...or the fluid warms up... . but lately the wheel gets jerky at first. So ..guess better start looking into this...Any ideas on where to get a good rebuilt one?? napa has one for 130$$ with a warranty. But I don't know what all comes with it...there must be a seal of some sort because I have to use my resevuor . and get i
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