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Nissan 720 Parts


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Hey Guys, first post on the forums.. I've been a browser for years and finally joined. Picked up a 720 85 model recently, which I'm going through currently. I plan on posting a build thread soon. But for now I've almost got her roadworthy; however I need a few important parts and after hours at night searching I'm turning to the forums for help.


Here's what I need if anyone on here knows where I can get any of it:


Outside door window seals ( the rubber ones that keep water from running inside the door.

Fuel sending unit (I did a decent job of cleaning the original but the coil that sends the signal is destroyed)

Door window felts ( I have a universal set ordered on amazon, hoping they will work)

Shifter boot to the floor


The truck is a 1985 Base model 2wd short cab. Built in Smyrna, TN with the 2.4 - I'll have to post the full vin decode in my build thread.


Thanks in advance guys.


If you have any of the parts mentioned obviously feel free to message me!


I could also use the section of metal inner fender on the driver side from roughly the radiator support to behind the battery tray. Only rust on the vehicle was in this location (assuming battery acid destroyed paint at some point which led to the accelerated rusting) If not I will be shaping and welding in a hand made piece.


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Welcome to Ratsun Seven. If anyone has these they'll be looking here... http://community.ratsun.net/classifieds/category/3-datsun-parts/?sort_key=date_added&sort_order=desc ... We don't allow buying and selling on the forums.


Get that build thread up and running and as always post pictures.   https://imgur.com/  ... is a good picture hosting site

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Thanks Mike. random thought but you wouldn't be the same 3d magic mike that's building that killer 620 would you?


And I did look through the classifieds section, which I will keep an eye on. Just didn't know if anyone knew a supplier other than the forums where people were finding these parts. I found some on ebay from thailand and wasn't sure on how much I trusted ordering them through that route. User had lots of good reviews, but also several mentioning never getting their parts. At $100 for 2 seals that's a high risk ! lol


thanks again

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Window rain seals-I got mine on ebay from a taiwan seller.Its been awhile but i think for about 60-ish.Full set but not oem-they work great.

Shifter boot.Good luck.Had mine made/upholstered out of vinyl.Pretty cheap and looks nice.



Hah ha shifter boot lol, I am currently using a Napa hat as a t case shifter boot.

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Crown Royal bag = shifter boot.


80830-01W00 Door Weatherstrip RH

80831-01W00 Door Weatherstrip LH

The above part #'s are for the weatherstrip that applies to the door itself and goes around the door.  BTW: with some cutting these will also fit a 1200 coupe.


80832-55W00 Glass run left and right.  This part has probably been superceded to a cut to fit roll.


The above #'s are Nissan OEM.  You can call your local Nissan dealer to see if they are available.  VERY confident on the door weatherstrip #'s, a little sketchy on the glass run #

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