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76 drift Zed

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so traded a custom built AR10 rifle for a running driving stick shift 76 Datsun z with 60k miles and plenty of rust

its been sitting in some dudes garage since 98 but i got it running and drove it 84 miles to my house.

this is not gonna be some slick clean ride its gonna be a fast and dirty fun drivers car with lots of custom weird crap built from my own head.


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Those odometers only go to 99,999 and then roll over. Could be 160,000. Look at high wear items like the brake pedal pad, gas pedal, steering wheel and drivers door arm rest and seat. That's a lot of paint wear for 18K and then sitting in a garage. At 60k it would have the stock exhaust system without any muffler clamps. Just fix it and enjoy driving it.

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yeh it looks way better with the diving board bumpers removed  and that 80s window tint was terrible you cant see it in the pics much cause i had to keep the windows down to see out while driving 

today i stripped out the dash and will be fixing the cracks and i am vinegaring the gas tank and adding redkote

i also made deletes for all the holes in the dash once the climate control and radio stuff is gone 

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got a set of clean front fenders with the car now i ordered my rear passenger wheel arch replacement and some Redkote for the tank still need floor pans and frame rails once i get all the sheet metal together im just gonna bang all the rust work out at once also made up a set of excel plug wires from an extra set i had left over from another project. gonna paint the valve cover and drop in an aluminum radiator soon.

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