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78 620 killing way to much gas than the usual

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Meaningless. Everyone wants better mileage. You can expect mid 20 with the 620. Highway will be higher, around town expect teens. Short trips and in town the choke is on more.


If it's outside the norm here are some things that waste gas.


Choke stuck on or choke heater not working. Dirty air filter

Carburetor float level set too high or carb flooding. Primary and secondary jets mistakenly swapped.

Gas leak anywhere in the system. Check after the pump with engine running.

Engine not tuned up includes... ignition timing severely retarded, valve lash tight, bad plugs, plug wires, cap or rotor.

Vacuum advance stuck, or not working. Hole in hose?

Thermostat stuck open or missing. Engine never warms up to full efficiency.

Crushed exhaust pipe or obstructed muffler.

Alignment. Toe in wastes gas to grind the rubber away..

Brake dragging? If rim is too hot to touch, probably you are. Raise and spin by hand to see.



You are the cause if...


Accelerating hard with foot to the floor.

Speeding. It takes 8Xs as much gas to go twice the speed.

Running in too low a gear all the time

Using the brakes too much. If you are using your brakes this means you are not anticipating the stop ahead of you. Look ahead for changing traffic and yellow lights. Let up on gas and slow down gradually. Try to avoid a full stop. Remember that every time you slow down or stop you have just thrown away the gas used to get you up to that speed.

Are you carrying a hundred pounds of useless crap around in the box and cab? It all requires gas to accelerate to speed.

Air up the tires. Run a high as comfortable to the maximum amount allowed on the tire. Hard tries roll easier. Check them every week.

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