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  1. 620 was sitting for a few months and decide to bring it back to life. Changed the spark plugs and gave It a oil change but loud knocking coming from the engine. Any tips to figure this problem out? Wanna get this baby back on the road!
  2. Never greased them. Advice on how to adjust them would be helpful as well.
  3. Hood shakes on my 620 then pops open when driving how would I fix it?
  4. I believe it's coming from this little hole but I will check the oil when I get the chance
  5. Fuel pump is leaking gas every time I push down the gas pedal. Replaced gasket and it is not leaking from there. It seems to be coming out of a little hole on the pump itself? Do I just get a new fuel pump or is there a way to stop the leak?
  6. Okay I'll give it a try with the jb weld but I am not so sure what the "front cover" is or what you're referring to sorry.
  7. Update: So I took the water pump off and it was a bit rusty, gasket torn, and worn out. I cleaned above and around the wholes took off all the gunk and build up around them I noticed a crack on one them. This could've been the reason it was over heating? I have no idea but please do give me some feedback on what to do or what you think.
  8. Yea before I installed the electrical fan I took the my radiator and the cooling unit for a/c (don't know what it's really called) and got it cleaned out made sure I did that. I will definitely look for a water pump then and give that a try.
  9. Well I installed the electric fan cause one day the fan clutch stop spinning so I was told to switch to the electrical fan it was more convenient.
  10. Changed transmission and motor oil last week. Thermostat is new and so is coolant but still over heating.
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