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Hood problems


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Had this problem years ago too. Mine was a broken cable. you should be able to see the release mechanism through the grill.... You will be able to see what it's doing while someone pulls the cable. I think you can reach it with a long screwdriver also....

Maybe ever try to spray lube in from the outside onto the release....

It will probably be a combination of these suggestions.... goodluck....

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I have had this problem since I owned my truck. It was a frozen latch cable. You can buy a new one, but a simple fix is to (of course after you open the hood) remove the cable, use an old water bottle, and drill a hole in the cap and thread the cable through it. The hang the bottle (cut the bottom off) upside down and put about a cup of oil in the bottle, letting in run down and through the inside of the cable over the next few hours to a day. That should free the frozen cable, and then reinstall!


I know it sounds kind of ghetto as opposed to just buying a new hood cable but it worked like a charm for me. Here's a link to the process.


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