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620 Silver Door Side Mirrors vs Car Mirrors: Arm Length and Angle

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I have just become aware of this difference because of recent eBay auctions.  At first I thought I had a shot at RHS mirror(s), but they all appear to have a shorter arm than my LHS mirror.  (Please note, I acquired this LHS mirror and cannot vouch for its correctness.)


First, there are at least 2 bolt patterns:

  • Staggered:  one hole high on the flange, the other low,
  • Staggered/Centered:  The forward hole is centered at about he vertex of the arm and flange itself.
  • unknown - there may be others...

I believe the S is 620 and the S/C is 510.


Second, there may be 2 arm lengths.  The long arm is about 4.5" long the arm leading edge from the center of the ball joint to the longitudinal centerline of the flange mounting surface.


Third, there may be 2 arm angles: the short arm appears to be nearly perpendicular (90*) to the flange mounting surface plane, while the large arm is 30-40* from the mounting surface plane.


Regarding arm length and angle on the 620:  It appears the factory mounting position is just in front of the leading point of the bullet "fin" which is not in the higher, top concave portion of the door panel - the mounting flange will not seat properly and will rock.  It could be that the longer arm and tilt is used to position the mirror higher relative to its mounting point while also not letting the mirror stick out more like big truck mirrors.





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Sounds like you are describing the 240z mirrors vs the 620 mirror


620 mirror: 

  • Staggered:  one hole high on the flange, the other low,
  • Is angled up more when installed on car



Looks similar but arm angle is way off stick right out and would look odd on a 620.


Try this for more info




These are the stock OEM ones



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I don't think they are 240z mirrors - they are different still from the descriptions I've discussed.


"Short Arm" mirrors on eBay:


Here is the eBay "short arm" (titled "DATSUN SUNNY 510 520 521 620 1200 1300 1600 B110 SIDE MIRRORS Right Left"_

that is different from the "long arm" I have in my possession:  NOTE:  as far as a 510 mirror, I have i my possession one that was identified as a 510 mirror on this site and it did not have the staggered screw holes - so this listing has a number of inconsistencies in the title.




These mirrors seem to be identical to the ones on the beautiful black 620 on the 1200 site with the chrome mirrors.  I think they look OK, and I was about ready to pull the trigger to purchase, however, I have this "long arm" one that is different and also appears to be the type shown on Datsun 620 ads which is the only information source that I think can be trusted and genuine authentic. If this is true, then I will be waiting a long, long time for a RHS "long arm" showing up on eBay - especially since I have never seen a RHS mirror on an ad.  Is it possible there was never a RHS "long arm" 620 truck mirror???  (In which case, I have to make a decision whether or not to go with the short arm mirrors which can be obtained in pairs - and I need a RHS mirror on the truck for safety, etc.)






Description of Mirrors I have in my possession:


For lack of better terms, I'll refer to them as the "620" and "510" mirror:  I have never seen a RHS version of these mirrors on the internet:


BOTH are Long Arm:


620 Mirror:

  • Dark gray plastic
  • Staggered screw holes
  • Mounting flange bearing surface is flat plane

510 Mirror:

  • Silver plastic
  • Staggered/Centered screw holes
  • Mounting flange bearing surface has curvature - is NOT planar.
  • Mounting flange is marginally longer and wider than the 620
  • Less arm angle (more perpendicular) - I would estimate the 620 is 30* (90* meaning perpendicular to mounting surface) and the 510 is 45*.
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It probably was me.  Problem is that your RH mirror won't match my LH long arm.


That guy in Mexico had a matched pair of short arms for $64 shipped, so I got them.  That chrome pair that went recently for $121 I would have bot them at that price, but I forgot about the auction (but then, the guy that paid $121 might have been willing to pay big $$$ to).  $300 is No Way Ray! (which did sell on eBay too.)


I am SO TIRED of driving with a WINK Mirror - backing up and parallel parking is nasty.

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Here are pics of my 3 mirrors.  I believe they are left to right:  510, 620, some car type:  (NOTE:  I just bot the "car types," a L&R pair appear to be new from kentigo in Mexico - they were $50 for he pair and $14 for shipping to PA.  THANK YOU SO MUCH KENTIGO!  - they came with new screws but no gaskets or templates - need to find a "flat" template AND an explanation how to use them - it's not obvious.)




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Sorry to revive this, but does anyone have a good method of taking these oem style mirrors apart? I just bought 2 off ebay, and want to get them apart to model or reproduction casting

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6 hours ago, ducky said:

Sorry to revive this, but does anyone have a good method of taking these oem style mirrors apart? I just bought 2 off ebay, and want to get them apart to model or reproduction casting

 Take the glass out. Not sure how, but that's what you gotta do 😅

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