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nismopu selling his truck WTF?

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yeah, he had a serious fight with the crank. It really just needs some pilot bushing attention, but after putting in and pulling out that engine so many times, he needs to stop fuckin with it.


Steve said something wise on saturday, YOU CAN"T FOCUS ON TWO PROJECTS. and mr. nismopu already has one, and needs a DD.


Someone buy it, It's a great deal, and I'm pretty sure heavy on the OBO...especially if it goes to a good home.


I drove the truck with the first block before it threw the bearings, even running kinda shitty the bitch pulled....hard.

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yeah, i hope he gets another datsun soon tho, DUDES my paint is fucked.. you all remember how it looked NICE!?? well that rain screwed it up .. white specks everywhere.. any time water touches it.. it gets WORSE the guy said i got it wet to quick .. which makes sense.. but 5 days after bein painted and if i put water on it it gets this white film that indents and when scrubbed away it leaves a nastey indent an ya.. so im kinda upset about that.. the guy gave me some "stuff" to mix with the paint.. and i have to wet sand the whole truck AGAIN and put a couple coats on an it should be good.. We'll see..

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