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Like Mike Stated, Check your hydraulic clutch system. Sounds like your clutch is not releasing. Here's the shift pattern for column shift. This shows right hand drive vehicle from owners manual, but same pattern for LHD.



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Looks like you're new here. Welcome to Ratland.


Here's a couple of information sources that you can surely use. Just above center of the page, you'll find links to shop and part manuals for the 320:




Happy Truckin'

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On my 62 it's forward up, 1st. Straight down from there (forward down), 2nd. Towards you up, 3rd. Straight down from there (towards you down), 4th.


Mine's tricky to get into 1st though. Sometimes I have to put in 2nd or 3rd first then back track to get it into 1st. 

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