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  1. 320inSpain

    Gear selection

    Hello, it's column shift. No idea if 3 or 4.
  2. 320inSpain

    Gear selection

    Just got my new truck delivered at last. Can't seem to find any gears, certainly some crunching! lol Can you tell me the gear location on the stick please? Ie, Up and forward for 1st etc.. Thanks in advance.
  3. 320inSpain

    Lowering my 320

    Thanks for your replies!
  4. 320inSpain

    Lowering my 320

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 320 and will be shipping it from UK to Spain where I now live. WHat is the safest way of lowering the truck allround? Would need to meet annual safety test. Thanks for your help.

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