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Lowering my 320


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It would depend on what they are looking for in the inspections, if they want it stock looking then you are pretty limited, adjusting the torsion bars and 720 4X4 leafs in the rear are the only things that will appear stock, if lowering blocks in the rear are legal then that would be the easiest way in the rear.

You could have flatter rear leafs made over here in the US, don't know if that is an option in Spain.

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There are spring services that 'Re-Arch' leaf springs. A competent craftsman should be able to increase or decrease the amount of arc in a spring set. Should leave them appearing original stock. Look it up on net. 

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O.K. cool. I just wondered because last time I was under the 320 I don't remember seeing that same double nut on the adjuster like on 620's , just a bolt if I remember right? I'll look again. It made me think bake of the days of removing the trailing arm of VW's and rotating splines to raise and lower so I thought maybe on the 320 you would have to remove the torsion bar and reindex. Please correct me if I am wrong as far as using the term re-indexing to refer to removing and rotating the torsion bar as opposed to just cranking on the adjuster. Thanks as always guys🍻

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