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1984 720 Stereo woes


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Hey all, I've been trying to get my stereo situation together in my 720.  I've got an old two knob fm/am cassette player. I've hooked it up based on old posts from this forum and have everything in the right place in relation to the old wiring harness as far as I can tell.  


"ground is blk/blue

constant is green red,

switched power is brown

Light Green/Black and Light/Green is the RH speaker
Light Green and Light Green/Red is the LH speaker. "


It plays tapes pine and the radio fine but everything is quiet and distorted.  I've tried different speakers  than the originals and they do the same thing.  I've check to make sure my speaker polarity isn't reversed and had the same problem but worse when I switch the polarity.  


I tried seeing if the ground is disconnected by hooking the ground from the console to the ground of the cig lighter to see if anything changes.  I assume that has a good ground because my phone charges from it.  nothing.  I've also swapped the fuse for the radio a few times with no luck.  The old tape/radio I had did the same thing which leads me to believe its a problem with the truck not the amp.


 Any advice?  could this be a fusible link thing or something?  I'm hoping I am missing something obvious.


thanks again

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If the stereo works then not a power issue.


You could remove it and wire it up outside of the truck and see if it works better. If it does it's something in the truck wiring. Maybe run your own speaker wires and don't use the speaker wiring in the truck.

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must be the truck wiring, I hooked it up in my room and it sounds great, plays tapes surprisingly well.   I took it to the car stereo shop by my house and he just said it was too old.  Not surprising but disappointing that dude won't mess with tape players.  Any common wiring mishaps anyone can think of?  I cleaned some grounds to see if that was the issue but no dice yet.

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