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  1. Cheetahking


    Pics are useful - Mike should be able to help you with vacuum line routing.
  2. Fun to watch you go through this car.
  3. This is awesome. Like Mike said - My first Datsun was a $100 car. It ran well (60K on the clock), but had been hit in the rear quarter. It prompted my grandfather to write me a poem - "you can't go far in a $100 car". He then gave me all of his metric tools - which were worth well more than the car. Keep at it - I like where its headed.
  4. How does it run? is it missing or just smoking?
  5. A few questions: How do you know its oil? Did you surface the head before replacing the gasket? Is the coolant level remaining constant?
  6. I would find out what they are hooking up to your car when doing the test. If the problem is only repeatable when testing - I would be looking for something the test would be changing (spark plug lead or???).
  7. I second Doctor 510's post of American custom cam - I run an 056 (going from memory) grind from them and it is great - super fun and didn't rob enough of the low end torque to notice.
  8. Try and tap into the puppy's energy - and use it rather than letting it beat you down. Loving the project - and wishing you better luck on the next go 'round....
  9. When you say its RPM consistent - Engine or wheel? Rear wheel bearings rarely are an issue - most likely a u joint somewhere......
  10. I had a ring gear issue once. The starter would sort of engage at one point on the ring gear - and spin - this would rotate the engine far enough to have it engage a non worn part of the ring gear and work fine. The problem with the ring gear is that the engine tends to stop at the same point every time, so the gear wears in this area. Cheap fix is to flip the ring gear over and rotate. Stupid in my option given the amount of work to get to it. I agree with above - you should pull the starter and take a look at the gear on the starter - and you can turn the motor and inspect th
  11. Take a pic so we know which one it is. I am never a fan of leaving something like this - its probably one of the ones that clamps the front cover as well. When you say 2" inside the block - I'm assuming you mean inside the front cover. It may be that you could remove the front cover and the bolt would be protruding from the block - allowing you to grab it and remove with some vice grips.
  12. I think Hainz invents new datsun lingo every time he posts.
  13. Cool build! I was lucky enough to get invited to one of her concerts, and totally agree - Hugh Marsh was truly unbelievable.
  14. I realize this is different - but it has the same cut off spoke at the center. 112282466696
  15. I missed that - and the other post - my bad. I have always assumed that distributors have probably been messed with/replaced etc. until I know otherwise (which is why its always good to know what your timing is all in rather than just at idle.
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