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  1. When you say its RPM consistent - Engine or wheel? Rear wheel bearings rarely are an issue - most likely a u joint somewhere......
  2. Cheetahking

    Help! Flywheel Ring Gear pull through bottom or top?

    I had a ring gear issue once. The starter would sort of engage at one point on the ring gear - and spin - this would rotate the engine far enough to have it engage a non worn part of the ring gear and work fine. The problem with the ring gear is that the engine tends to stop at the same point every time, so the gear wears in this area. Cheap fix is to flip the ring gear over and rotate. Stupid in my option given the amount of work to get to it. I agree with above - you should pull the starter and take a look at the gear on the starter - and you can turn the motor and inspect the ring gear as well. More likely it is a starter issue that it is a ring gear problem.
  3. Cheetahking

    broken water pump bolt questions

    Take a pic so we know which one it is. I am never a fan of leaving something like this - its probably one of the ones that clamps the front cover as well. When you say 2" inside the block - I'm assuming you mean inside the front cover. It may be that you could remove the front cover and the bolt would be protruding from the block - allowing you to grab it and remove with some vice grips.
  4. Cheetahking

    Datsun lingo ?

    I think Hainz invents new datsun lingo every time he posts.
  5. Cool build! I was lucky enough to get invited to one of her concerts, and totally agree - Hugh Marsh was truly unbelievable.
  6. Cheetahking


    I realize this is different - but it has the same cut off spoke at the center. 112282466696
  7. I missed that - and the other post - my bad. I have always assumed that distributors have probably been messed with/replaced etc. until I know otherwise (which is why its always good to know what your timing is all in rather than just at idle.
  8. I would guess he is stating that timing at idle is set at 10 degrees BTDC - which is correct for stock 510 with dual points. If SSS distributor (single points) - it will have a shorter mech advance on the cam and timing at idle is 14 Degrees BTDC. It makes sense to deal with the vacuum advance as it is a repeatable, changeable item that is affecting performance. If you can suck on the hose for the diaphragm and it doesn't leak - the diaphragm is probably OK. I imagine it is leaking and creating a vacuum leak like Doctor mentioned. When you disconnect the line, are you plugging it - or leaving it open - when the engine is running well?
  9. The timing chain controls the valve timing (valves opening and closing). The distributor, and the ignition (spark) timing. Def don't worry about the piece of gasket. And just to make you feel better - the first time I did a head gasket, I dropped a washer from a head bolt down the timing chain cover. Learned a lot with that - but started me on a lifetime of fixing my own cars. Also - no limit on posts.
  10. Cheetahking

    Engine trouble eh

    Like way no said - check your plug wire order. Also - verify that at TDG you are near #1 on the distributor.
  11. Cheetahking

    im new/no dash or tail lights

    Hey - not going to chime in on the wiring - but it IS COOL to drive a car that old. You will do well to understand a more basic car like this, and learn to work on it, rather than become one of those people that doesn't know how to do anything for themselves. Well done!
  12. Cheetahking

    Air Injection Pump

    Its a Nissan - of course it did!
  13. Cheetahking

    cooling line for carburator manifold.

    I think that is actually there to heat the manifold - to keep it from icing. I would find a way to run it. Some one has the piece you need with the port in it.
  14. Cheetahking

    L16 hesitating, quits and hard to restart

    I agree with Mike. If you interject something new into a mix when you haven't figured out the rest of it, you could actually expand your problem. Best to check one thing at a time, methodically and eliminate it as a problem. Replacing a bunch of things at once often adds more variables.
  15. Cheetahking

    Can't get cam spocket off 1984 Z24 2.4L?

    I agree - if the sprocket were intstalled - and the chain wedges didn't loosen, it should be fine. Two things - to get the sprocket back on - I find that having the cam dowel aligned was a bigger issue - which I was blaming on the chain being tight. Rotating the cam slightly while trying install the sprocket is helpful. You can lift up on the sprocket by running a 3/8" extension through the holes in the sprocket and over the tower and us the extension as a lever to help it into place. It will go on. Definitely try this and other things before removing timing cover (as along as wedge is still in place), Front cover is a lot more work that may not be necessary......

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