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  1. Hello again, I went ahead and grabbed a fuel pump at pic n pull. The pump checked out as far as I could tell when I bench tested it with 12v. Unfortunately swapping it out changed nothing! Oh well. Unfortunately I'm considering the vehicle retirement program where they give you $1500 to retire your older car since I am stumped. Any more suggestions/leads are much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the help. I was able to figure out jumping the relay thanks to that. After about 3 weeks driving every few days with no trouble with the relay jumped the problem returned twice today 😞 the idle seemed to drop and then surge right before it happened the second time. After a few minutes of struggling to keep up with traffic it went back to running well. It’s so hard to trouble shoot this thing since the problem comes and goes. Unfortunately it’s not really safe to get on the highway because of this. Anymore ideas of where to look are much appreciated
  3. Thanks for the article, I had some strange results. I unplugged my relay and tried to run a jumper. If I run a jumper from the blue wire to the white/black wire like article suggests the truck will not run at all. Turns over but no fuel. If I plug the relay back in the truck will start and run. Also the fuse for the pump is not blown Im totally confused. Why would it start with the relay but not with a jumper in its place? in other news filters looked fine and the problem continues with or without a fuel cap
  4. Hello again, I’ve given it some time driving around with no cap and as datzen mike suspected venting is not the cause of the issue! The problem persists. This is Tuesday I have time to troubleshoot. So far my plan is to replace the filter in the pump and check it for sentiment as well as the main fuel filter. I imagine the feeling of not getting fuel could actually be a spark issue. Any suggestions on other things to try when I have a day to troubleshoot would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the description, it makes troubleshooting this thing make a lot more sense. Checking the cap and the line that allows fumes out of the tank and air into in seem pretty straight forward. Im still a bit confused about checking the vacuum advance/purge signal hose. Should I put a vacuum pump on facing the evap canister and see if it holds vacuum? Would putting a vacuum gauge on the line in place of my evap canister be a good way to check to see that there is vacuum coming from my distributor?
  6. Thanks Awkyeow, I'm pretty sure my relay is ok because I have two and swap them with no difference. I also opened them up and checked to see that the solder joints were still in tact. I just want to double check, does this routing on my charcoal canister seem correct? None of the lines appear to be pinched and the filter element is a little gross but not excessively Also here is the cap I'm working with
  7. Thanks Charlie, there is pressure when I remove the cap, I am a little confused, should there be pressure built up or not?
  8. Thanks will do, any idea if drilling a small hole in the cap would be a terrible idea? Is there a vented one that would fit? So grateful for the help
  9. Was experiencing the problem slightly just now on my way home from work. I removed my fuel cap and there was pressure built up that released. Could this be telling of a problem with the charcoal canister? i also gave those fusible links a shake with no changes
  10. Thanks for getting back, unfortunately there is no tach on this one. I’ll give shaking the fusible links a try after work and check that fuel pump filter when the new one comes. I’m not super sure how to check the wiring for the distributor module beyond visual inspection but I’ll take a peek there and report back. I really appreciate the help!
  11. Hey y'all, luckily it has been a minute since I needed to seek help on here. My 1984 720 is randomly loosing power. It's sputtering like its not getting enough fuel and will continue to do so in all gears. The strange thing is that it happens at random. I'll go entire days without problems and then it will happen at random when driving a short or long distance. I recently drove about an hour and half out of town and back on a hot day without trouble. The other night I drove about 15 blocks and the problem arose. It will act like it is not getting enough fuel so Ill slam the gas but still get nothing and then suddenly it will lunge forward for a second and then act like its starved again. It did this to a friend who borrowed it on the highway today so they pulled off and then shortly after the problem went away. When its not happening the truck runs great. I can hit 75 easy on the highway without a problem for a good distance without any trouble. As far as I can see there is no factor such as heat that causes the problem because sometimes it happens when the car has barely warmed up, sometimes when its hot and most of the time not at all. I also assume Its not vapor locking because there doesn't appear to be pressure built up when I remove the gas cap and it happens when the truck is cold sometimes. I'm going to go ahead and buy a new fuel filter for starters because its cheap and easy. I also ordered the filter for inside the pump. I know throwing parts at a car is a bad idea but I am considering just buying a new fuel pump since the current one is probably 34 years old. I'm suspecting sentiment in the tank or filter or a faulty fuel pump. I have already swapped the fuel pump relay with one from pic and pull. I already tried shaking the break prone wires to the carb and relay to see if I could recreate or remove the problem with no luck. I'd love any other suggestions on where to look. Thanks in advance, Nick in Oakland
  12. Also the smog shop said the timing looks good
  13. Well.... I changed my O2 Sensor and adjusted my valves, and put a new ported vacuum switch on but I failed smog again! Since failing I put a new thermostat in, any other ideas? The state will pay up to $500 in smog repairs to a shop since I'm low income but it looks like half that is going toward diagnosis.
  14. I'm pretty confused as to how my truck has been running well enough to hit 70 on the highway, take me a few hours away once a week, and take me all the way from oakland to olympia if this things been out the whole time. but the small size of that drive spindle definitely faces the rear of my truck.
  15. I see, would the same idea work for an 8 plug z 24? It appears that the smaller part on the distributor shaft also was on the bigger part of the drive shaft. what a mess.
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