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D.I.Y. How to ka24de a 521.


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Yes it has the same bolt pattern and starter location.

The same basic transmission was in use throughout the Datsun Nissan timeline FW71 is the base # A was the early 5-speed, B is the mid era and C is in use up to the Frontier. The bolt pattern changed when Nissan went from the L20 to the NapZ engine family and the KA has the same pattern. 

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Weight? Is that Texan for wait?


The 720 transmission weighs about 70 pounds. 


The Z series and the KA series engines sit at the same angle and the mounting bolt patterns for the transmissions are the same. So yes, the 71B 4 or 5 speed from a 720 will bolt to a KA24E or DE. You should be aware that the 71C transmission from a KA engine is about twice as strong as the earlier 720 71B transmission. The KA engine is about 50% more powerful so a 71C is the better choice

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On 12/14/2016 at 10:25 PM, konig209 said:

Update 4-19-19 in all honesty if you can get an s13 setup its better than an s14. S14 head has a part in the cast that blocks the throttl cable. Its a pain in the ass but easy to fix.

I was able to track down a s14 set up for a reasonable price. What is the fix for the throttle cable issue ? 

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So ive got alot of revizing to do. Even show how to wire the alt. But i veen working alot.


I learned somehow i mixed up parts and the water pump pulley is to be left alone. And the single cam pulley is somehow bigger byva cunt hair. Trust me i removed it a buncha times and the belt would work with one but bot the other.

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