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'80 210

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I was up island yesterday, and drove past a place where I had worked on a job. Nearby I had seen a Datsun in a yard and went back and talked to the owner. Well it's still there!! (originally he had said that it run but needed a muffler.) I told him (yesterday) that I thought I had seen the car recently in town and thought he had sold it. He said no, he had been driving it briefly. So it does run. The problem would be getting it home, but if it runs, I could insure and drive it!


Well, first things first. I'm looking forward to a small 'bonus' this summer that would pay for it. Have to get rid of my parts truck in the driveway first, and before that I need the automatic tranny out of it. This will please my wife and give me some leverage, as she still has her old Plymouth AND my dad's old '90 20,000 original mile Sundance that I gave her, so technically, she has two cars in the driveway!


The Datsun is a two door '80 210 with a small A14? OHV engine with automatic transmission. Rough interior but fairly sound body with some rust behind one rear wheel. Looks like Pumpkin 210's car but yellow. Would be fun to put an L20B it it I have an L4N71B auto from a Mazima that would fit and give me torque converter lock for highway cruisin'.

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Large square, so maybe an '81? Would love a 1200, small and light, but what are the chances, so this is a really nice compromise. I owned a new '76 B-210 and did rebuild the motor in it. I saw this one out of the corner of my eye, while driving past on the way home. I wasn't sure and had to wait a few days till we went back by it to check it out. It just had that Datsun look, and best of all it says DATSUN on it.


I told the owner that I wanted to restore it (well maybe fix it up quite a bit) and was afraid that some kids had bought it. I said that within a few months when something broke and they were too inexperienced to fix it, or broke it would end up at the lake on it's side on fire and that I didn't want to see that happen. (maybe he will think about that if someone comes around, and hold on to it a little tighter)


Well I hope this happens, talking about it and starting a project thread got me motivated. This PM I single handedly stripped the L20B block to lighten it and lifted it out of my parts truck. This allowed me room to remove the 3N71B automatic in it. Now I have a 3N71B and a L4N71B that I could put behind my old truck motor when I take it out. Maybe stuff all this into the B-210. Are they still called B or no?


With all this done I just have to sort through all my parts and load the ones I don't need into the parts truck and have it towed away. My wife will be so happy.

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Guest 510kamikazifreak

Kool Mike hope you get it,210s are pretty fun little cars,

I had one for a winter driver for a couple of years,It was very reliable,

We picked up a driver 510 about a month ago,Kinda pondering zapping on some metal to it to clean it up,(but hope to enclose the carport first,or build a garage, time will tell,and money to)

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Well I brought up buying the '80 Datsun with my wife (and financial adviser) and suddenly she loves the idea! WTF? Either I've been accidentally good, or she's up to something. Go figure.


I saw it this spring, being driven down town so I could insure for a day and drive it home. It's an A 14 auto? (have to get a manual (book)) but as a long range project I would want to put the L20B 5spd in it that's coming out of my truck.


I have a pair of Maxima front struts from an '84 wagon, bitchin' looking calipers and vented rotors. Wonder if they will fit the 210? Will a 620 sway bar fit? Or a 200sx? Would the rear coils from a 200sx be stiffer/better? The 200sx has a rear sway bar too I think! Wow so much to dream about!

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I saw it this spring, being driven down town so I could insure for a day and drive it home.


The one I got has been sitting for a year and a half but it did fire with some fuel in the carb and a jump from the pumpkn. I am waiting on the paprework(gotta get it before I take delivery this time) I will let you know when I get it!

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Alright! If I get this, it will be the first Datto car that I have owned since my '76 B-210 back in the late '70s. Almost 30 friggin' years, I'm such a truck nut.


Any ideas about the sway bars and springs from my other post above?

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I'm sure the struts will fit Mike, if not with your welder you can get them to fit :D Springs won't be that hard, all you have to do is finds some that are the same diameter out of like the front of a truck :D that will stiffen it up :D

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Gees iceman, Maxima struts and brakes are just a ___hair smaller than the 280zx ones. (the Maxima was built on the 280zx platform) Now I can join in on camber plate/strut/bump steer/ discussions like 510 owners. (my heroes)


Pumpkin210, what does a 210 weigh? My L20B is a weight lifter and can press my 3,600 lb truck, so a 210 should be easy!

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Wow, I was thinking 510 around 2,200. So that's like over 1,500 lbs lighter!


My wife has a VW Golf company car and I recently got my dad's Sundance on the road, so I've been driving these small cars lately. It is so neat to rip around in them, I'd forgotten what fun it is.

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Here's some pix of the little '80 210. I went after work and saw the owner. We plan to fire it up early next week and drive it around so I can hear it run. The starter is supposed to be not so good. So excited, I don't even know what the millage is! Or care.




DATSUN mud flaps!!! (love that word, want it on everything) Trunk looks bad but it's just leaves and needles.


Dee on grill!





A15 motor with 3N71B automatic. The engine tag is dented so maybe the motor was out/rebuilt/swapped?


Seats ripped and interior is so so, representative of a 27 year old I guess. Dash reminds me of the '80 200sx a bit.


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