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Aibast - 1996 Land Rover Discovery1 Tdi 4x4

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Hi  you all. 


Been out of a picture for a long time. Started my own concrete products company - so not a lot of time on my hands. Went to school and learned a trade - I'm also a truckdriver now. Until now I could only drive up to 3,5 tonn machines and upto 16 ton tractors. Now I can drive what every is made and alowed to move on public roads in here. Truck, tractors, machinery, cars.


Still I sold my Volvo V70AWD for something more universal. Got 1996 Land Rover Discovery for towing stuff around.


Here I'm towing around a trailer with 2,4 ton load of granit gravel.

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I do like land rovers. I don't like fixing them all the time.. but I daily drove my rover for 5 years.


Nice ride.

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This things has got a lot of usage this week  - halled 3 tons of sand. My friend offloading it with a skidsteer we got.


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let a lot of diesel on the road on the weekend. Fuel return lines on the injectors where worn out by an engine cover that sits loose on the engine. 

Good that local farming shop keeps fuel lines in stock - got all new ones in and gone is the engine cover. Engine needs a proper clean.



And finaly got a new airfilter element, so the cone crap one is goint out and propper stock one in. Blanced out the ERG valve as it was stuck open all the time. Checked turbo - OK, checked other air lines - OK. Now just need to get new oils and filters for difs, gearbox and engine.

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I'm pretty sure we didn't get the diesel versions of these here... a same.

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It is a 83kW 300Tdi engine - runs lika a van but still can haul stuff around with not so big fuel bill.

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These all get about 11-13 mpg here. The gas v8 is brutal.

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Tdi runs around 30 - 32 mpg.  :thumbup:

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did a little bit of offroading - managed to bend the front bumber and rear bumper a little bit ;) Driver side headlamp was covered by soil and mud. But it didn't brake or come loose . Still didn't show any signs of stoping or getting stuck. This thing has a nice low gear and dif lock.


And my friend got himself a LR Disco2. These things are a little bit different.


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Been realy up to my eyeballs in work. Did a lot of stuff. And got some new toys.

First a better aircompressor The small one is what I used before - the big one is what I got.



And we got some finances together and got our own place to do the work. First load up the loader.



The get it to the "new" place  for some cleanup work to start getting that place up and running.



After that weather got colder with some snow


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This years xmas tree hunt. There is no more snow in here. Just little below 0 deg C.



Trees are growing up, selection is harder each year. I only have 140 acres to chose from.


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well finaly did something on the car - added a coolant heater to warm up the engine before starting it in cold weather ( was -20 deg C this night) and changed the fuel filter also as was messing around in there anyway. No pics, the camera died in the cold. Waiting for warmer weather. This thing was a nice desing one. It hooks in the coolant line goint to the interior heater core. It has a thermostat controlled heater (+40 C ) unit and coolant pump. So it circulates the heated coolant around heating the block evenly. The cars engine started this morning instantly, as before I had to grind it a bit.

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Tooks some pics of the heater.



The coolant goes in from the bottom and out in the top. The heaterelement is in the whole round case. Used fuelhose for the coolant.



One  coolant hose is now behind the fuel filter to heat that also a bit.



The coolant comes from top of the engine goes to behind the filter into the heater, and from there to interior heatercore. Out from that to the engine. 


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Well, got something for the tractor. New set of springs and shocks. As the rear is sagging and way to soft for any loads. 

Standard height heavy duty kit. 



And halled some old beehives to be fix up for new season. Expanding my beekeeping 


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had an idea - Land Rover frame + 620 body would be a cool ride

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Did some work on one other oldtimer. We have a 1966 Yale forklift with an Opel 4cil engine in it. Managed to get a headgasget leak, so took it apart and but the old gasget in with special glue. As these parts are no longer made. It is a low compression pushrod oldschool cast iron lump. Damn these are old and inefficient, but these things last forever.


Just a pic to show our orange/red oldtimer forklift



Off with ze head...



And some parts need cleaning



Head surface cleaned






Is it tight... yeee it is tight.



all back together again



when I got home, one guy was exhausted


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Weather was nice and warm - spring is here. Wanted to change the studded M+S tyres (severe snow condition ones )



to more regular M+S (offroad) ones.



Sitting on wood blocks waiting for tyres to be swaped. Also did the front brake pads, as they where making sound. Well the previous owned had changed pads on one side and left the other side unchanged. Anyone knows that you change brakes pads in pairs. As different pads have different stoping power and if you whear out one side faster it means you got stuck brake pistons. 

With the car sitting like that changed the engine oil to.



Offroad tyres back on.



And today we got a snowstorm. It is end of April and it is snowing. Damn these offroad tyres are slippery on ice.


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"Slippery on ice? "  That's what studded snow tires were all about!  Tough on concrete roads but great on ice.

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"Slippery on ice? "  That's what studded snow tires were all about!  Tough on concrete roads but great on ice.

Like I wrote, I removed the studded ones and but on more regular tyres for summer, the next day we had a damn snowstorm. Studded are great on compacted iced snow and pure ice. Regular M+S ( Mud and Snow ) is useless in these conditions. You can drive, but if you start skidding you lose all control of the car. Studs give you some control over the skid. 


More or less, you just need experience driving in severe snow conditions and that is it. Think things trough, keep your cars innertia and mass transfer under control and it is all good. In estonia it is not strange to see old people powersliding ( drifting ) RWD cars around gravel roads. 

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I allmost killed the car today. I somehow had missed tightening nuts on driver side rear wheel and it had worked itself free. If  you lose one of the wheels while driving driving @ 110 km/h you will flip it for sure.Nuts where still on but abot 1/2 inch open. The wheel was still on the car but on the last threads. This time went around the car and realy cranked these things tight,

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Found new front indicator lights for cheap. Old ones where cracked and broken.


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This was a weekend.

First the car got to a milestone (kilometerstone) - 333 333km on the clock.



Next  got to my summerhouse. Nice springtime in here. Potatos, carrots, unions planted. Still need to plant peas, beans, mustard and some flowers for bees to gave something to enjoy in the summer time.




PS. The white small thing is my moms Ford Fiesta.


And  on the sunday got my way to start fixing my Landy.First - rear suspention upgrade with heavy duty standard height stuff and new poly pushes to go with it.


Standard worn out suspention.



Lifting her up to get a good access to stuff needed.



Add some stands and remove the wheels ( wheel go under the car for added safety)




Standard vs heavy duty




Installed with heavy duty shocks to compliment the springs. Poly pushes on the shocks also. Lots of WD40 to get the polts moving.



Things done on the rear. Well the original ones where some what exhausted, as this is the standard height kit. A lift about  5cm (2 inches).


But the day didn't end there. On the drive home all the suddenly loud clanking sound started unde the car. Tought - what the hell did happen to the gearbox, transfercase, diff, driveshaft. The sound was so lound I pulled the car over to the side of the road and again went under the car to investigate.



The result was this bad boy.


It is a rubber sleave that protects the driveshaft spindle that gives needed play in it when offroading. That just broke apart and hit the underside of the floor making the noise. Had nothing else to do than cut it of. Now I need to find a new one.

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