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Just wondering?


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All you need to do is to send 'em to me. I have the intake and will get them set up.


My first l20b car had them and they were great for street use.

My friend dropped off the carbs today so get that intake manifold ready for me. Just kidding, I will post some oics tomorrow in the morning.

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Aren't the square flanges Z carbs? I have the flat tops which are supposed to be nearly identical to the round tops, they have 2 bolt flanges.


Edit: 1 3/4 should be 44mm, too much for a 4cyl.

You are probably correct I really know nothing and did notice what you are saying here till this morning when I took the oics. Any way I got them for free I do have a set of the flat top su setup that should have all of what I need I guess when I need them.
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Edit: 1 3/4 should be 44mm, too much for a 4cyl.


?????....Depends on the 4 cylinder. 


Those look like the early 240Z 46mm roundtops. The K14 or 220 intake will have to be opened up to 46mm.....and you'll have to profile a set of needles to get your A/F ratio numbers in 'order'.





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