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overheating l28

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alright im stumped on this one guys my car was overheats regardless of high low speeds so i decided the first thing to do would be to pull the thermostat out and see if that fixed the problem.At first the cars temperature came down and it was a little under 3/4 on the temp gauge then i parked and turned the car off for a minute but to my suprise when i turned the key on to see the temp it was redlined!! even after the car say for a good 30 minutes the gauge was still redlined?? do you think this is possibly the gauge is just wrong? the car doesnt leak antifreeze and is toped off, also ive noticed the top radiator tube doesnt get very hard could this be due to no thermostat installed

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Does it feel super hot? It may be the guage. Getting hotter after shut down is just an effect of heat soak, and is normal.


If your top hose isnt hard, and you can put your hand on it, id definitly say your guage is wrong, or you have no coolant lol.

In my experience which has only been with the 4 banger l motors, is they dont really seem to get air locked.maybe its different on the z's


If its puking coolant into your overflow and the hose isnt hard, then the rad cap needs to be changed. If it has a hard hose and is venting into the overflow, you could probibly not touch the hoses for more than a second or two. Aka fucking hot.


The rad hose should still get hard with no thermostat, it gets hard due to the themal expansion of the coolant itself, not the flow. Unless theres alot of air in the system which you make it sound like there isnt.


Ive ran cars without thermostats lots, most cases it just takes forever to get to a stable temperature. Your milage may vary.

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Do some work homie!

0. Stop driving the car!!! If your gauge is accurate, you are running a high risk of warping the head!!!

1. Read FSM diagnosis

2. Get off the internet and in the garage, check coolant for oil and oil for coolant, check for white smoke from the exhaust, check for obvious leaks

3. Pressure test coolant system

4. Test compression

5. Test coolant for exhaust gas with block tester

6. Check to make sure gauge is accurate, use a different gauge, thermometer or one of those lazar temperature readers things

7. Check your brakes, If one is locked up or severely dragging you can cause an overheat situation (I have had this happen to me)

7. Flush and clean coolant system, replace or refurbish radiator

8. Check water pump and fan clutch operation

Scooter is right, the water temp will continue to rise on hot days after the car is shut down. I let mine cool off by driving in the low RPM for a couple of blocks before shutting it down. Like a cool off lap. If you follow the steps above, you should come to a solution.

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Pull the sender wire off the thermostat. Does the gauge still read full hot?


NO...... Sender is at fault

YES.... Gauge or wire to the sender is pinched and grounded.


Does the fuel gauge read FULL tank?


YES..... both gauges read full hot and full tank. Gauge voltage regulator is not working properly.

NO...... problem is only in the temp gauge section.

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