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1972 1/2 part help


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OK, I found a kick-a%* mechanic to get My stocker running. This guy is something!! Anyway, the choke relay is bad and He wired in a Bosch that works correctly, but will not have the right look in the enginebay for a restoration. So, I am looking for a choke relay that works and has the rectangular wire plug. Every other one I own has a round plug. Maybe 1973 trucks were rectangular. Jason, maybe You can check on the old pea green truck. That is the only other one that old that I owned. A 521 might be rectangular also. I don't know if 521s even came with electric chokes or not. So if You guys have some parts from 72 1/2s and might have one, could You help Me out. Also if You know the correct parts number for this product new, that would be nice to just get new. Thanks.

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'73 and '74 have the square plug. The rest are round, as the wiring change happened after the '74 model year and was complete by the 1976 model year. 1975 ones have a mish-mash of both types of connectors, unfortunately.


Only 1972 521s had electric chokes. You could also use the relay from a 510 or '73 610.

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Strange........... Both Funtana and Wasserman's Wonder have round plugs. Both are 1974s. Choptana has what I believe is a 1975 wiring loom which is also round. I am certain that WW and Funtana are the original looms.

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Did anyone find one under Their bed (house bed, NOT truck bed!) yet????


If I can get another housing, I can place a new plastic one inside to look original. That would be cool if anyone has one too, but I would like a working original if possible.

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Steroid: Is this for a 620? My parts truck is a '72 521 that came with a whole swack of parts, including a wiring harness and a bunch of switches and whatnot. Do you have a pic of the exact part you're looking for? I'll take a look when I get out there in the next couple days.

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I don't have a closeup photo of one. There is one visable on that 1973 for sale now on ebay. Haniz, I would do that on any of My other trucks but this one will be a restoration. The relay that My mechanic added is making the choke function properly, I'd just like a stock or stock appearing one. It is amazing how complete My truck is. I'd like to, as long as I own it, leave it 100% stock.






The 27th and 28th photo down show the plug and location, which is by the passenger's side hood hinge. For some reason He has a green wire in it's place. Thanks!!!

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That sure looks like one!! The correct rectangular plug, yes. Any of You guys got an extra of these?? It plugs in just where the wiring loom goes into the cab on the passenger's side below the hood hinge.

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Hi Jason. Yes, that's it. I never had that one hooked up as I had an Offenhauser intake with a 390 four barrell carb on that truck. Unless You are going to be putting a stock carb on that truck, is that relay available? Thanks, Mike

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