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74 620 Pick-up.

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Ok so as you all know, i never get one here. Alas I have an ipad. It seems i may not be able to directly post pictures from it. But i am going to find a way to post up the old pics and keep updating it with new ones for all of you who want to see progress. So far this is the story of the black peral. Becuase she is cursed.

So i bought it from a guy for 1600 bucks two hours south of my location. I had no idea the real condition. To my knowlege it started up, and it was "driveable." So I get there and he drives up in it and im sold lol. no questiojn asked. I got her home and drove her a few hundred miles. The motor was in ok condition. I took it home did a little this and a little that. Things turned for the worse so I rebuild the l18 and drove it for a while. I got a Rebuild remanufactured w53 head from datsun parts. So far it has been great. i installed a comp Cam 260/260 can put op specs if someone really wants me to, I threw on a 12ib fidanza flywheel, and dual 40mm weber DCOE. well I got a little to brappy brap brap and threw/ a rod while breaking in the cam... may have been due to the 30w oil. I never run anything but 15w40 or 20w50vr1. Any how .... she is down at the moment due to brakes not being finished. I installed the 4 wheel disk break conversion from silvermine. fronts were fantastic. The rears were a disappointment. I took a trip to the machine shop fixed that part most of the way up. As of right now i am in the middle of rigging up a willwood 7/8ths bore with no vaccum assist. Brake lines are a bitch. (the dual carbs got in the way of the booster...boosster had to go)


Anyways I just wanted to introduce myself of the .NET. The facebook page blows.

I have meet a few of you already in person. to those who I have not, this here is my HELLO!

hopefully I will be able to get some pics up.


A side note: If anyone knows how to add pics from a ipad please enlighten me. im not good with forums.

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I cant see 30wt oil being the proplem as a new motor will be tight anyway if you rebuild it. Just hop you primed the oil pump first before start up. as some people forget this.


Hopefully everything else is fine and find another blockL16/18 will be perfect. or a L20 but that's a 6bolt crank and the 12pounder is a 5 bolt


Im sure olddatsuns.com is your favorite site the tech section

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I have dropped in a l16 since then, but im going to ditch the aluminum flywheel. I am just going to to run the factory stuff for now. She was my DD. Its been a pain in the ass. ok ill make a photobucket account tomorrow.

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