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UCA - Urethane Bushings for Kingpin Trucks, mklotz70

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sorry i'm been lurking more than posting, but I have the bushings without any grease lines cut in them, I had squeaks when I first installed them, but somewhere down the line, the squeaking stopped! for what its worth. still very happy with them. I plan to remove them and inspect them. will post up when I do. been daily driving them for months now, and Colorado isn't known for smooth roads



(side note, still itching to install the LCA's, couldn't get the pivot bushing out last time, and have been to busy lately with work and mandatory Datsun projects)

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I was looking to order more bushings to modify before I run out.  I found out that they have the same thing, but in two pieces!!  I've ordered a few to test.  I think I can still use the same code to modify them, but it will make installing them even easier.....plus, if I need to, I can make them just a hair bigger.  They'll still have the same sleeve and delrin washers since the two pieces together will be identical to the single piece I have now.  Anyway.....just FYI. :)

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Very interested now


Interesting.  You don't care for the single piece?  I'm curious why?  

This just made me realize that I could probably cut the single into two pieces with a razor knife.  As I think about it more it's becoming a real "DUH!!!" slap the forehead kind of thing! LOL

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Just saying I was going to get a set from you soon

Ah......I thought it was a comment about the 2pc post.

I still have some of the one piece and they can be cut.  They're on the website now, so you can order when you want.  Site in the signature. :)

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It finishes its projects or it gets locked in the cave again!

LOL!!!!!  Oh no.......I don't seem to finish many!!  That might be because I always see a change I'd like to make.  The ball joints and the Bory's brakes will be done by April 1st....at least that's the plan! :)  I still have plenty of other things that need to be done during that same time frame.... :(

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