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Is this an electric choke relay?


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I am working on the wiring harness for the Canby truck.  It has an extra relay close to the voltage regulator. that I do not have on any of my five 521 trucks.

This is the top of the relay,


and the bottom.



The yellow wire on the relay harness plug has continuity to the small "T" connector on the alternator.

The blue wire on the relay harness plug has continuity to a blue wire on the firewall, by the carb.

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The year of your 521 just might make a difference.  Assuming that this is a 521 since you posted in the general "Electrical" area.  You cannot give too much info when you are asking for help.  Hope a few additional details get you the help you need.


Good luck, keep them rolling, they don't look too good in the junk yard.  They're great on the road!

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