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Harness pass firewall grommet P/N?


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Hi guys, Im shopping for rubbers atm. The grommet was stretched, dried and half way torn so Id like to replace it. Any idea of the number from Nissan? I am looking it up on carpartsmanual under wiring and I think it's missing. I appreciate the help

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There is one listed for the right hand side from '75. Grommet... #24251-89906 under $5 if available at the Nissan dealer.


There is another grommet on the driver's side used up through '74. #24250-89978 $3 

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If you google "datsun 240z wiring grommet", I think you'll find what you need.


I've searched and searched for good quality wiring grommets and have found another term that works for google - firewall boot. The Daystar firewall boots aren't specific, they are cut to fit, but they work in a pinch and are good enough quality. I've also bought grommets for domestic muscle cars that are good quality.


This one is at Z Car Depot


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Yeah, I don't think it it for a 42 mm panel hole. It looks the same as 620

I used the Z car hood cable & speedo cable & Z car heater hose grommets for Z car on my 620
I have used a LOT of OEM Z car parts on my 620

Summit racing sells the heater hose grommets advertised for Z cars since that is the only
car Datsun made, besides the 510

I found all the frame grommets and was trying to work with vendors on Ebay to make a kit,
but I haven't found a vendor who carries them all. It's only 4 or 5 different sizes

for the frame
Like Hoffman's book, " Steal These Pictures " Measurements were done with older caliper so they are correct ( + - ) 1 mm

firewall  G1.jpg

Firewall G2.jpg




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This one is getting made for Right side for LHD


78-79 ONLY


There are Japanese made speedo cables on Ebay right now that have the grommet on them
Most of the Thai are said to arrive with no grommet.

The fiberglass tubes work on the front part of the front parking brake cable.
I am trying to rebuild / restore the cables & the boots......Where do you get some replacement  boots?
Porsche are close to the rears. Motorcycle boots are too small for the rear of the front cable.
HELP !!!!!! The cables are one of the first things to go back on


Cable (8).JPG

Cable (3).JPG

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