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Beautiful goal!



WTF you lookin at?????



You wouldn't understand, cuz Canada


I understand we look at the girls first.

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I understand I look at the Asian trannys first.

Fixed it for you.

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INSMNCS: John Cain
Started by flatcat19, Apr 22 2015 09:46 PM
Politics Free Zone
Well some of you guys really fucked this thread up so I'll be handing out some time off and do some repairs. It may or may not be reopened. Let me disabuse you of the idea that this is some kind of Cuz spin off. It's gone... so go somewhere else. If you want to post, post responsibly or you'll run out of forums to post in. I got much better things to do than read and clean up dog shit in the house. If that's the case, you can go sit outside. If you can still post, I haven't gotten around to you yet or haven't decided. 

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