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69 Project "Poporocho"


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Project Poporocho!

  I haven't really introduced myself. I am a 16 year old student living in Novato and I like cars.


   It all started back in 8th grade when my friend got his 510. I loved everything about his car. I've always wanted to get something different, something that no one else had. Fast forward to Sophmore year in High School everyone was getting BMW's and those newer cars. I didn't want to be the "usual kid" at school. Kids at school think that they had the fastest car and stuff, I only wanted a car that was fun and something that I liked. A year later in early Junior year (present) I found what I called the "perfect" Datsun. I posted a Craigslist ad back in September, I had a few replies sent via message. Most of them were already restored cars. I wanted to restore a Datsun myself, I didn't want someone elses work. I had received a text message from a man who lived in Modesto. He said, and I quote "interested in a 1969 datsun 510?". From there I didn't really seemed to care about his 510 at first. He sent me some pictures of the Datsun, I wasn't really interested at first. It had a L20B, 4 speed tranny, 32/36 dgev carb and some goodies. 


First Images I received from the seller.








Like I mentioned above, I was not interested in it at first. I told my dad about it. He even said it would be too much work. I didn't contact the guy selling the 510 for another month or so. One day I finally contacted him to see if it was still for sale. He replied that it was still for sale! I then scheduled a day to meet in Ceres, California, about two hours away from my home. That day I went only to see the Datsun, we intentionally wanted to see it in person and to "inspect" it.  It had some dings on the rear right fender. 




From the looks it looked pretty straight. We settled to buy the 510 for a good $3,300. He was originally asking $3,500 or so. A week later we took out the Ram 3500 and want out to go pick up this little beast. We left our house in Novato at around four in the morning to get to Ceres at around seven. Once we got to Ceres, about fifteen minutes later we hear the loud Datsun rolling up! I was so happy to see the 510. We rolled the Datsun back to Novato. The next day we went out to gas gas for the first time. It ran like nothing was in it's way!




A couple of weeks later, we sent out the seats to get a re upholsterd. They went from looking like this: 






To this: 




Pretty neat.


One of the first things I did was fix anything electrical then proceeded to the engine. There wasn't anything wrong with the engine though it needed an air filter for the carburetor.



I also had to find a new dash since the old one was modified and very old and messed up. I picked this one for a cool $300.





When I believed that everything was going right, my dad and I decided to go to our good friend in Richmond who would paint our car. He did a great job on our 521 that he did when I was a kid.



We contacted him and in no time we drove out to Richmond. My father and I took the Datsun on the freeway for the first time, loud but I loved the sound and speed from the L20B


Before I left the car I took one last picture of how it looked like.









I then finally left the "poporocho". A week later we have a bit of improvement. 






Roof was sanded down then remade to a perfect finish.




We went back to check on the "Poporocho". So far so good. Pasted up and solid, almost ready for paint.







Here was that nasty looking rear fender.






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I went back to check on the Poporocho on 2-21-15. 

Had trouble uploading images so I had to do them one by one...

Paint is ready, all we have to do now is put everything back together.

Should be back home on 3-8-15!!














Wheels were painted over again. Grill was painted black. I'm still deciding whether or not to put the "D" emblem on the grill. 

Will take some pics when I bring it back home!

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Was also thinking of putting some fender mirrors but I don't think the chrome ones would look nice. I was thinking of getting the cheap eBay one's for $79.99 that look really cool.


Let me know what you'd recommend for my build!

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You should paint the outside of the core support black; all behind the grille and valance. Also all inside the wiper cowl. It'll look a lot better than body color. Should also consider hot gluing some window screen on the inside of the wiper cowl grate. It'll keep stuff out of there and is easily removable later and will not damage the paint underneath.

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I'm getting all of the electrical fixed, finally!


Thinking of getting fender mirrors.

Not sure whether to go with the legit chrome fender mirrors, or the black plastic Fender mirrors....

Help me decide which to get, I want something that would look nice!


Link to plastic black fender mirror: http://goo.gl/6LNyNZ

Link to chrome legit fender mirror: http://goo.gl/EVF0YV


Here's a quick pic of how my 510 looks like.



Chrome fender mirrors or black plastic fender mirrors?

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