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  1. Time Left: 13 days and 5 hours

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    In need of a decent 280z tail light set. Must not have cracked lens. Oxidized is OK. Can pay for shipping.


    Novato, California - US

  2. With my lack of knowledge on how insurance and all that worked back then, they didn't. In my statement I had said stuff I shouldn't have and what i said backfired. I ended up getting it fixed and then just went on from there.
  3. Thanks! I definitely learned a thing or two from that whole incident. What ended up happening was that I just went ahead and took the car to the guy who originally did my body work/ paint and had him fix it. Guy didn't charge me an arm and leg luckily. Lady never paid, never was contacted from them again. Definitely learned that dash cams are important!
  4. Dang, Haven't been on this site in a cool minute. Since my last post. I let the car sit in the garage for over 6 months. Life happened and more important things came up that needed more attention. I just recently got back into working on the Datsun and began to tinker around with one of the biggest projects on this build, wiring. I've always been so afraid of wiring 1. because I was inexperienced 2. I wouldn't know where things would route 3. just lacking the motivation. Since this whole COVID thing started, things became quiet, I picked up the tools and got to work. Ob
  5. Is there another post for the show this year(2019)? Seems a bit quiet. Not sure how the crowd is going to turn out
  6. Following this thread. Thinking about doing a similar setup
  7. I smiled throughout the whole video lol. Good job!!
  8. We will be having a caravan to the swap meet from Novato Park and Ride at 6 am SHARP in Novato, California for those North Bay Area peeps. More info on stops and route coming soon.
  9. Well February sucked... I got hit by a dumb lady in a black Mercedes Benz on my way for a drive in the back roads of my town. I was not happy. The lady that hit me lied and said the accident happened somewhere else, and that I tried to pass her over a double solid line.This was not the case because she pulled over to the side where there is shoulder parking, away from my lane, and then intentionally hit me. I tried to swerve away from the Mercedes by going over the line but it was too late and she hit me. Damage is worse in person unfortunately however both the pass
  10. Awesome to attend both the swap meet and my prom last year. Boy was it a crazy day. I'm ready for this years swap meet!
  11. Other then the radiator leaking, everything has been working well. I got to the chance to take some cool pictures in SF last week.
  12. Next on the to do list is to replace the stock radiator with a 3 row Champion radiator. I have tried to install it before, but I had less then 1 millimeter of clearance from the alternator bolt. My plan is to get a shorter belt for the alternator and see if I have more clearance. The following picture from back in March when I tried to install it but couldn't due to the clearance. I hope the shorter belt works.
  13. After driving the car for a while, I noticed that the outside tire was wearing out insanely quickly. I thought it was probably an alignment issue. The ball joints had to be replaced. It was time for new tires... Got some Federal 595 tires that looked super sick. Mounted up nicely on the Enkei 92's that I have yet to paint. Right before it was balanced. ...................................................................................................................................................................................... One of the huge problems of lowe
  14. Some updates since the last posts. u-joints were replaced ball joints replaced coil overs adjusted new tires After lowering the car, I heard some strange noises. I knew the u joints were bad but I never had the change to replace them. I took a weekend to replace all 4 half shaft u joints with a hammer. Car up ready to take out the half shafts. Old. All the needle bearings are gone. Replaced all the halfshaft u joints and the squeaking noise has gone away. I still have yet to replace the differential bushing due to it thumping while letting off the accelera
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