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Clutch swap problem/pressure plate/ z22-z24 flywheel

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Have an 83 720. Bad motor...junked shortblock(z24).

Got lucky...new clutch pac.

Pulled my 82' weber'ed Z22 outta storage.....orig in my 'departed' 125k 82' 720.

Pressure plate bolt pattern/dowel locations different.

Yes I know the easiest way is to get different press plate but want to use this clutch.

Assuming I can't swap flywheels.....mess up engine balance.

Can I just transfer bolt pattern and drill-tap my z22 fly?

Are the pressure plates balanced different?

OFF TOPIC_How much low rpm throttle response will I lose going from a 32/36 to a 38/38?


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The bolt patten on the flywheel determines the size of the pressure plate and clutch disc you can use. Z24s are all 240mm diameter PP while Z22s are 225mm. Swap Z22 flywheel/PP and clutch onto Z24 and good to go. Nissan L and Z series are internally balanced, everything is, so swapping parts around won't matter.


Smaller carb will always run the best overall. Larger carbs run best at full throttle and often give up some drive-ability at lower speed, start and idle. 32/36 is a progressive carb that starts with the primary and adds the secondary as you fully floor the gas pedal. 38/38 both barrels open together and can overwhelm the engine without some practice. 38/38 is for larger V6 and small V8 engines.

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Yes you can, but just make sure that you use the throwout bearing/collar that was used on the Z24 if your using a Z24 flywheel, if you use a Z22 flywheel, you use the Z22 throwout bearing/collar, do you understand?

I have Z24 flywheel on my LZ23(Z22 block), it works great, the flywheel is the same size, only the clutch covers/discs/TO collars are different.

So Mike...U saying it would B ok to put the z24flywheel on my z22? I thought I couldn't do that swap. I know u can use the z22 fly on L motors.

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Great!! If both mike and wayno say it will work.....I'm gonna do it. I'll know right away.....that first redline outta second @ 55mph will B the indicator. Too bad I already cleaned up installed w/locktite the z22 fly.THANKS FOR THE INFO!!!! U guys are GREAT! The 'turd' will live again.

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It does take some practice with the 38 to get what you want. I've never experienced the 32/36 before so I can't compare but I'm sure the low rpm throttle response will be lower with the 38. To me it all depends what rpms you shift at going into the next gear. The 38 seems too much when your in too high of a gear at too low of a speed. I don't have any problems with cold starts, idle or throttle response cause I've gotten used to knowing how it works and what works best.


What I don't get is that people say all the time that the 38/38 is too much carb. or it's overwhelming. If thats true then wouldn't dual side drafts be overkill. If you really look at it like the 32/36 is best for stock replacement. The 38/38 is for the people who still daily but want more power. Ones who run dual side drafts have no problems (from what I've seen), make great power and a big performance gain. But if you were to say dual side drafts is too much for z24 then how can it not be too much for an L-series. Just my .02 cents


But if your looking to upgrade from the 32/36 or deciding between the 2 I'd get the 38. lol

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Thanks Guam....good realistic/real world data about 32/36--38/38. My trusty special application 32/36(throttle opposite side versus std)has a worn throttle shaft/bushing. I regularly tow a trailer(10k lbs total) and I know having more carb will help me merge into traffic. Have an almost new redline 38/38.


Anybody ever put progressive linkage on a 38/38?


Anybody sleeve the primary to 36?(run a 36 butterfly)


Sorry about being "off topic".....I know this is the drivetrain section.

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Motor and trans back in truck......my new2me  adjustable universal clutch align'r tool worked SWEET. I added 3 bolts to the pressure plate.....9 total. Couldn't leave the holes vacant with a box of datto hardware right in front of me. GLAD I was able to use the larger clutch pac.....will help my full throttle speed shifting and dead stop take-off's fully loaded. Will B so happy to have a Z under the hood again. My 80 with an L20b doesn't have the right torque curve for bonsai truck duty....have to keep revs above 4 to make power. Taking my 80'kc out of service as soon as the 83 is roadworthy.....TOO nice a truck for the work I do. In the process of getting an 82kc w/125k.....may sell my 80 come springtime. Won't sell cheap but truck is better than most.....any interest?

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