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'86 720 Coolant Petcock Location?


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My water pump just shat out on me, and I need to drain the coolant before I can pull

the radiator to get to it. I spent about 30 minutes taking stuff off the bottom of my front

end today trying to find some kind of petcock valve to drain the coolant, but I can't

figure it out. Where should I be looking, or do I just need to disconnect the lower coolant

hose and let it dump like that? It's a carbureted z24, btw. Thanks in advance, everyone.

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The proper way to remove a rad hose is cut them off. I've fucked more than one outlet on a rad trying to get a stuck hose off. Never broken my pet cock before and that's what it's for. Just don't over tighten them and remove or loosen them when warm.

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I have broken the plastic petcock on my 521 before.

I have never messed up a radiator outlet, but that doesn't mean it will not happen, but even though you cut the hose off, you still have to get it off the outlet, so unless I cannot get the hose off the lower outlet, I will not cut it off, well I might at a wrecking yard. :lol:

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