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620 cab to chassis mounts. How thick?


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I need to know asap how thick the rubber mounts are that sit between the radiator support panel/inner fenders, and the chassis at the front of the truck. Including the washers too I suppose.

My unbelievably rust free (but crashed) 620 is about to have a new donor front grafted on at the firewall. And I'm going to turn up some temporary solid spacers to get the new front at the correct height for the marriage to take place.

Also, what size and length are the bolts which hold this joining together? (Just the very front two mounts)

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The mounting rubber doesn't determine the correct height or alignment for the rad support to the cab. For one the rubber compresses when tightened down. I would line it up by eye and some measurements. I put a 4" lift on my cab and had to trim the spacers to fit, or when tightened down, the fender gap to door and hood gap to cowl would change. 

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I still need a ball park figure as we're going to be re spotting the inner guards onto the firewall. If this part isn't pretty close, then the whole truck would wind up quite  out of whack. if I know roughly how thick they're supposed to be, then we've got a fighting chance of getting the face which the front fenders (we call them mudguards down here) attach to parallel to the chassis rails. Since the cab did get a smack, it might be required to knock parts of the mating face on the firewall forward to meet the inner fenders. There are many variables.........

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