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Thats it! we need a spokane/East Washington meet up


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Just get out there and make one happen.....



Not everyone comes out to the first one.....but keep doing it......it'll get bigger and bigger.....post it on Crapface too.....


Just need a good location where no one will give you guys shit for having a good time......talk to places with big lots......




If you set it.....they will come.....

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I do know how very far away from each other you groups are,,, But

  If you guys would compromise with each other and have one in Moses Lake or George or some centralized location, this summer  ,,, we might make the trip over ..... We are in Olympia area but that don't mean a damn thing cuz it's the trip that makes it worth it for us.


These are pics from just MY familys road trip to Ephrata area then down to Wapato just last summer..  Yeah we all drove separate cars for the lulz... Wife followed with one of the twins with all our gear in the minivan of doom


And hell I5 would be a fast drive over for us even though it would be like 3 1/2 hours or some shit


PROOF we could roll that far and do,, for no other reason than to burn up some dinosaurs








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