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1977 620 kc deluxe project - pdx - LKAT


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Hey All- new here, and a resto novice - embarking on a project to restore this yellow beauty above and beyond her original glory! Looking for any and all tips along the way. Engine is totally rebuilt, everything's tip top - just need to add a coolant recovery system and vintage AC - truck is a 4 speed (was lusting after a 5 speed, but decided to settle when I found this minimally rusty gem)


here's my new baby:
















(under the hood pics came out dark & blurry, will upload those tomorrow)


very excited !!!! 


I'm originally born and raised in NYC- there are no datsuns to speak of out there for obvious salt reasons. 


When I first moved out west and saw these gorgeous vehicles for the first time, I fell in love. the moment I laid eyes on a 620 I knew I had to have one one day.


next on the list is body work/paint- bed liner, removing door moldings and welding up seams/rivet holes. pretty certain I'm going to stick with the original factory yellow- but still slightly on the fence.- have to come back and weigh in on whether or not it will dramatically alter value- (if not enough of a royal interior/door/engine bay pain in the ass) alternative would be very very dark purple-black 


then upholstery/interior.


then wheels. (looking to do classic truck wheels- bigger tires- not looking to lower, want to keep classic truck feel, also want to be able to tote my dirt bike around in bed)


then sound system.


then exhaust



**Looking to sell the original moon wheels and rear bumper as an fyi for anyone who might be interested in the near future.


***Also looking for a good place to buy a dash mat, as well as a reasonably priced seal kit. if anyone has any tips (already did forum search and couldn't find much)



I've been down at the the red door meet in SE PDX pretty often w my other rides- taking the 620 in the future. would love to network and learn more about these gorgeous rides.



Thanks for looking'  B)

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Welcome, great looking truck looks real straight. I wouldn't worry too much about the paint vs value thing.  It will be worth about the same either way what will matter is the quality.  Build the truck you want, not the truck you want to sell. :)

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thanks guys. Loving the NW.


still divided on the color- definitely getting rid of the door moldings!


want to do some classic datsun graphics kit wrap on the side down the body after it's painted.

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