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  1. Looking at a possible engine swap- wishlist: light-med towing capacity (think teardrop camper) good pickup/acceleration/power reliability simplicity/ease of working on what would typically fit a manual 4speed 1977 620 King Cab bay within these parameters and what would you best recommend?
  2. L.KAT

    620 dash mats?

    Hey- is there a website /resource where I can order a black dash mat for my 620 dashboard? (I've already exhausted the search and the classifieds) thanks!
  3. I was creeping hard on this fine yellow truck in a parking lot in Northeast Portland- :thumbup: don't know if it's a faux pas to post other people's trucks on here- but this was too awesome not to document. I want a camper for my 620!! :lol:
  4. thanks guys. Loving the NW. still divided on the color- definitely getting rid of the door moldings! want to do some classic datsun graphics kit wrap on the side down the body after it's painted.
  5. Hey All- new here, and a resto novice - embarking on a project to restore this yellow beauty above and beyond her original glory! Looking for any and all tips along the way. Engine is totally rebuilt, everything's tip top - just need to add a coolant recovery system and vintage AC - truck is a 4 speed (was lusting after a 5 speed, but decided to settle when I found this minimally rusty gem) here's my new baby: (under the hood pics came out dark & blurry, will upload those tomorrow) very excited !!!! I'm originally born and raised in NYC-
  6. I can only hope a 5 speed rust free 78/79 620 KC will pop up in the NW in the mean time!!!! I have not had any luck other than finding this one....Please feel free to point me in the direction of any leads :) I regularly check Sea/Tac, PDX, Nor Cal craigslist and ebay. He mentioned that he rebuilt the engine- which makes me SUPER weary hearing all of your testimonies- although he did say that work is guaranteed for a year. (not that that makes me all that more confident) I'm looking to pass my 76 KC Deluxe on to a family member after I finish up the interior and get a little more body
  7. pretty sure it's factory- super clean for age, some oxidation, garage kept, no rust. As stated, I'm a novice, and I didn't mean that the car itself (a 620) is super rare, just that the combo of orig condition, make, model, engine, excellent interior/body, price, etc. are. Like I said I've been searching diligently & regionally for years and haven't found something so close to matching my ideal datsun truck, but am wondering if it's worth the risk of working with this shop. thanks.
  8. LOL...danfiveten, dude, your "feeling" is entirely wrong...I am def not the owner nor do I have any affiliation whatsoever with the shop. Just an honest question!!!- I don't see how that's shady at all...just wanted some information before potentially working with the shop. and yes I realize that a 620 is not "rare" per say, but the rust free condition it's in as a 5 speed 79 at a reasonable price is, as I've been searching for this vehicle for years with no luck. I tired a site search but couldn't find much- i'll try re-calibrating with different options to try and dig up some old threa
  9. (you'll have to forgive me- I'm new and a novice) Sorry no pics im afraid- but it's a black, rust free, ultra clean, 5 speed 79 king cab. From what I know he has rebuilt the engine- ( I don't think those Z shells are even up for discussion, unfortunately!! shame they just sit there untouched for that long ;P ) He does shit mech work? From my understanding the original Bill passed away, and now a guy by the name of Jock has inherited the business? Just trying to get some insight on the situation and why everyone seems to hate this shop. thank you!!
  10. Hello- I've heard some comments around the forums about Bill's Datsun Shop in Clackamas, OR. I'm curious to know member's experiences with this shop, if and why to avoid, and if there have been any positive experiences among what seem to be largely terrible experiences with the owners/operators. They have a very rare datsun in their lot that I REALLY want to buy, but am hesitant to take the risk - would love to know what everyone thinks. Thanks!!
  11. awesome! Thank you for the pic!! it really helps w the decision. did you fill yours with lead/weld yourself and then sand down/paint over? Any idea how much a shop would charge to plug those rivet holes up? thanks!
  12. awesome, thank you!!! anyone have pics of how bad it looks under there after these are off? I'm pretty sure they are factory as everything on the truck is original. Was it a total pain in the ass to weld those rivet/screw holes shut? How much (ballpark) do you think it would run to have a shop do the necessary welding? Just trying to determine if it will be worth it to remove these- I really hate the look of em! lol ;P
  13. Hello!!! I am new here- Would love some input regarding a 1976 620 KC [Deluxe] that I'm on the verge of buying.... Body's straight, Engine's straight- My question is regarding what I believe are called door guards/molding - the metal strip with rubber center running the length of the body- see pics below. I really don't like these and am wondering if anyone has experience removing them/any advice for removing them. Would it be a total nightmare to do so? (I am planning on a new paint job eventually) I imagine there are holes in the body beneath them to fasten them to the body but am not su
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