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Smurfy 710 v8

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Headlights went out, faulty wiring got it fixed, the plugin was ruined, used another wiring harness to fix the problem. 




While i had the car jacked up i went ahead and fixed the exhaust was practically dragging the ground wish i had a picture of it before, but got it tucked up nice as i could and moved the muffler back so it wasnt going under the rearend like it was 





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Love the slot mags- glad you put them back on!  Will you be adding flares to the car at all?


Also, what's with all the zip ties on that Del Sol parked next to you??  Are those on a tow bar?

 Yeah i will eventually be flaring it, witch will also get rid of the only rust on the car, witch it around the top of the wheel lol 

and i honestly have no idea he had them EVERYWHERE.. not sure why tho lol

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Growing up around racecars, hot rods etc. my little 710 just wasnt fast enough for me.

Although it left one mean black line (will have to weld or find a posi) 




I decided i would need to swap motors, vg30? Ca18? Sr20? Rotary? so i decided to sell the lb20/5spd 

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So my quest for a engine was on! Found a 1987 300zx with a vg30e for $700.. the only problem was it was in Antioch, thats about 4-5 hours from here. now the guy told me that it starts and runs really bad needs a MAF... so i decided i would go check it out and take a MAF with me, bought the only one in california from a fresno oriellys autoparts store to take with me just in case... cost me $300.. but i could always return it and get one from a junkyard etc... so i drive up there and they gave me the wrong adress! so driving around this neighbor hood looking for this 300zx and i see a 1983 Rx7 for sale that looked cherry! figured it was out of my price range and kept driving. found the car and it needed everything! didnt even have a battery! i was PISSED.

So went back to check out the Rx7 and sure enough it was gone... so i asked every house on that block if they had his number or knew him! no luck.. about a hour goes by and i figured i need to get home, so i left a note with my # get just around the corner and hes calls me! so i go check it out, 200k miles.. YIKES.. 12A all original, tagged smogged! had a small oil leak from the oil cooler line. no biggy! he wanted 1k i bought it for $900! SCORE! drove it home no problems and DAMN 9K revs and you have to drive it like a 2 stroke basically ! Such a fun car! decided though it was too nice to cut up.. so i put a for sale sign and drove it home.. it someone bought it cool ! otherwise i would feel bad cutting it up!



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