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1981 Datsun 280zx Non-Turbo Project

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Alright guys, I just recently bought this mean girl. Shes the Non-Turbo 6cyl Manual trans. First off let me say this....I HATE THE BUMPER. Thats the main reason i found this forum. Lol I want to do a bottom lip, lower her, fender flares, turbo, rear lip, elongated pipes, and some interior work. Im mostly here for constructive criticism and any other ideas. So let me ask this, what has everyone else done to this body style?

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You may have to take some destructive criticism in order to clear the way for construction. :lol:  I agree no bumper is better. Find a picture of the Z130 as they were sold in Japan. It might give you some ideas.

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Lol I can agree to that banana, i just HATE how it looks like a duck face. Thanks TENDRIL, I really like the Xenon lip peice! I'll post more pics as I tear into her, i have bwm m3 seats im going to put in it, going to do a full exhaust and headers, also thinking about a rear bumper delete aswell.

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Ok, so I love the look on this car. Anyone know where i could get the tail light fixture, and spoiler this has?



That's a 280Z, not a 280ZX. None of that stuff is going to "fit". 


Maybe with enough cutting and money thrown at it...    ^_^

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Love that! Where can I get the Datsun centerpeice like that???


Every time I post that photo, that's the very next question.   :rofl:


It was an aftermarket piece sold in the 80s. I don't think anyone makes them any more. Usually have to be found on ebay or in the junkyard. There were several different versions offered, and they were put on a lot of cars, so... 


This is the version I see most often...



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Damn, whats the big difference?


It is literally a completely different car. It's the version before yours. It's smaller, narrower, etc. 



 Is there anything similar i could throw on?


I have seen that spoiler modified to fit before. I'll see if I can dig up the photo...


As far as the lights, I think you're stuck there...

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How do I post pics via I Phone.

Download the mobile Photobucket app. To place a picture in your photobucket account (in the app) select "upload media". Then camera roll. Select the picture you want in your photo bucket account and it will revert back to the photo bucket app. Move the picture to the desired file in your photo bucket account if you have multiple files. If you don't do this now and you post the picture and move it later, it will break the link and will have to be redone.


Have a window in safari/web browser opened with Ratsun pulled up. Press the home button to go to your app screen. Then tap the PB app. Go to "my albums" and then the desired folder. Tap the picture you want to post. On the bottom there is a square with an arrow (2nd symbol from left), tap that. It will bring up 4 link codes. Tap the bottom one (the IMG code). It will say "IMG copied". Press the home button again and open Ratsun in safari back up. Double tap in the reply box at the bottom of the page (in the correct thread) and tap "paste". All you see is the image code but when you tap "post" your picture will appear. You can also add text just don't screw with the IMG code

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