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Is there any good front brake rotors that fit stock 510 struts?


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I don't mind using 280zx struts just can't find any an I was supposed to get 2 brand new rotors from Andysautosport. They assured me on the phone that they can get them cuz nobody sells them anymore so they ordered them an said they were shipped out. So I chopped em down an painted the stock 510 struts an have coil overs for Em. Got it all rdy and called those c!$# suckers at andys cuz it's been 3 weeks since they said it shipped to find out that the order was canceled cuz there discontinued and got no email about it. So now I have a nice set of useless 510 struts cuz I can't find any rotors that fit. I don't mind using an adapter if someone has some they made or if someone in the northwest has some 280zx struts that would do. Just don't want to buy a whole car for the struts.

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Rockauto has 510 rotors... They should be the first place you check for parts, not Andys. Seriously who the fuck orders from Andys. Its like a plague or something.


But yes, I would advise switching the front brakes out, as parts are seemingly becoming obsolete.

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Rockauto has 510 rotors... They should be the first place you check for parts, not Andys. Seriously who the fuck orders from Andys. Its like a plague or something.





Rock auto..  is the shit man ,, give-em a try you won't know how you functioned without them.



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Ya I found the ones on rock auto I was just hoping for some performance ones but it's just a daily driver so will work for me. And I heard the I know there are other struts but every big brake kit you can buy is for 280zx struts. Not maxima not 200sx so all I would want is the 280zx so that in the future if I wanted to upgrade I don't have to re-do some struts. I'm just going to go with the premium rotors from rock auto an call it good. Thanks!

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Think outside the 280zx box.





There was another car made that is based on the 280zx platform and shares some drivetrain and suspension components. L series six cylinder, same 5 speed, R-180 IRS rear end, similar weight. Has the larger spindle and matching inner/outer bearings so just about any other hub will fit.


Yup.... Maxima. I got mine for free because no one cared about them. New rotor (vented and a wisker smaller diameter than the zx, and huge pads and a 15/16" master. Now my tires are the weakest link in 710 goon's my braking. 

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If it helps, the zx struts are fetching about $100 each. (I wouldn't pay that unless they had new calipers and rotors already on them) Five speed (if '80 and up zx) over $150 and closer to $250 if in excellent shape. R-180 is nice but usually the gears are way too low for a 510. (3.364, 3.545) I would look for an '83 and up 720 4x4 with 4.11 ratio, but that's me.


If you get a runner keep the 15/16" master cylinder as those calipers are massive and need more fluid.



Some other things that can be salvaged for sale or to upgrade your 510. It all helps off set the cost of the zx.

'79-'81 zx have rear disc brakes that are 'somewhat' collectible for use on a 510 sedan (and others) but I prefer the later '82-'83 for looks.

'80.5 and up TURBO automatics have a high volume oil pump that will fit any L 4 cylinder. Good insurance.

All zx starters are larger and some are gear reduction and a nice upgrade for a four cylinder.

Alternator is 50/60 amp and internally regulated. Twist two pairs of wires together and you can convert your charging system over and rid yourself of the problematic external regulator.

The non turbo 280zx uses a matchbox six plug distributor, but can be converted buy replacing the stator (under $10) and the reluctor ($15) with four cylinder parts. Keep the zx coil for this.

The zx flywheel is six bolt and fits a 225mm pressure plate and clutch. If new(er) than yours it will all bolt to the L20B.

ZX seats are nice and while not great, they are much improved over the 510 ones.

Factory zx mags are 14" and very collectible. Turbo zx mags are 15" and very collectible. Ask any price you like, but $200 at least.





What years of maxima would I look for?

Maxima sedan or wagons are '81-'84. Mine are '84 wagon but I'm sure the struts are all the same. I trimmed the lower strut spring mount off and put the 710 lower mount and springs on them held up with split collars. The springs I trimmed to increase the spring rate to 150 lbs./in. Maxima and zx springs are too wide to fit the strut towers.

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There are three gear sets in the FS5W71B 5 speeds. A 'wide', with low first gear used in trucks mostly. A 'mid' ratio used mostly in cars and a 'close' ratio used only in the '80 and up 280zx. The term 'wide', 'mid' and 'close' only applies to these three transmissions when compared to each other. A 'close' ratio transmission will have less RPM drop when shifting to 2nd, 3rd and 4th. A 'wide' ratio will have a larger RPM drop on shifts.


It's not that 'rare'. All '80 and up non turbo zx transmissions were 5 speeds and 'close' ratio. They also had a monster 25% over drive 5th gear. (only the '79 zx 5 speed was a 'mid' ratio gear box and last year for the 4 speed)


Used five speed not worth $500. IMHO.... lots of usable (spare) parts on it. 

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OK thanks.


An my pockets aren't too deep lol. But there's some room I'm there

I haven't seen a maxima for ,,well for ever in a junkyard around here.



If the ZX is a dark gray green color i might be able to flip you some bucks for the passenger side door and front fender to offset you purchase a little.  .  might go a little more if it has a few nic-nac interior  parts in the right color... I can't really tell by the shading on the ad but it looks close.


Let me know.

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