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620 dot com no longer working?

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here is what it says


Notice: This domain name expired on 05/16/07 and is pending renewal or deletion


they did not renew there name. companies hold a website name for 60 days after they expire to give a chance to that person to keep it. but most companies charge a penalty. it cost about 8bux to own a site name, but to get it back they normally charge around 50-100

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He does this every year. He's just slow to renew.

I used to do that. Then I switched to a company that auto-renews and keeps my credit card on file! :D


...not that my site is all that useful but its fun to have your own domain. :)

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at one time he said if it did go away it would be no great loss...

all the info is still out there...somewhere...

I have every manual downloaded to my system if someone needs something before it comes back up again...

If not then maybe the file size limits can be increased here to accommodate their uploads...

just a thought...

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I like that sight to, I emailed him a few months ago about adding Ratsun.net to the link page, he never wrote back :(



don't be so humble, this site fuckin' rocks!!!


Thanks :D I hope it does, I will be in it 500$ come next month :( O well its only money, if it wasn't Ratsun it would be something else :D


I can hold that stuff on my site. I've got a gig to spare.


Ya, and who thought that I own Ratsun.net? :) this is not my forum, I just work here! :D


I pay him double what I make :) Gotta be good to the employees :D

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If you go to BleachGarage.com and look at the links page you may notice that Ratsun.net is the very first link at the top. :)


Nice!! How many hits do you get a day? I heard Dillons friend talk about it, I told him you were my buddy. I don't know if he believed me... :( Can I have your autograph?

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Nice!! How many hits do you get a day? I heard Dillons friend talk about it, I told him you were my buddy. I don't know if he believed me... :( Can I have your autograph?

I haven't looked at the hits in a long time. Probably not a whole lot.

I tell you what, I'll paint up a 620 hood for you Rising Sun style and sign the bottom corner ;) you can probably auction that baby off for big bucks at Canby and drive home hood-less! :D


I'll do a writeup on your truck and post it on BleachGarage.com

Then he'll believe that I'm your buddy

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I looked up my stats. Its hard to tell how many visitors I really have since a lot of the files accessed are my signature pics from various forums.


I do get about 2 gigs of bandwidth pulled a month and I only have a total of 250mb of images in my galleries. I assume that is where most of my traffic goes. In May (right after I posted pics from the Z show) my daily traffic shot up 5x the normal amount and has held there all month so far. :D so people do use those images galleries I have up.

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