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my second 510 wagon

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Hello everyone from ratsun. I picked up my 72 datsun wagon a few days ago, after saving and looking for the last few months. Only has 89000 miles but you can tell it was put in the wrong hands.. everything is prefect besides the rust, and the kid that cut to many coils on the front.

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Right now just doing a few things like removed the bumpers.. The front is in really good shape just needs polish but the rear bumper is done for.. and a few small things.. right now just try to get the front restored with the messed up springs and old ass shocks

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Yeah I like the rust.. but there's a few places that worries me a little like behind the fenders on the front


Congrats on the new goon. 


The rear part of the rocker panel and behind the real wheel looks a bit scary from my house..  Hard to tell from the photo of the left side, though.

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looks ok

I would turn the battery around so the positive is towards the firewall and get a battery hold down otherwise if the positive is the way it is and you crash or hit the brake hard the battery will go fwd and short out on the hood so do it bnow and get new batter cables and get shorter ones that are close to the shortest possible.


get the ngk wire set NE64 from rockauto.com or amazon get 2 sets.

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Well a new battery is in order.. and I ordered the ngk spark plug wires and spark plugs.. trust me that battery has to go.. doesn't even fit on the tray.. I am thinking about relocating the battery in the back.. to clean up the engine bay.. and tuck it..

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Just wish I would have kept my old motor from my last wagon.. shit happens I guess.. to do the relocation.. I just need long ass battery wires and to build a box.. or does anyone else have any other Ideas

Look at putting it under the back seat,i am sure you can cut a hole and install a sunk in box like a VW bug per say.Ground to under carriage and positive to startter,and on my truck i made a little power stud for your other power needs on the fire wall..

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