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help out an aussie! May as well make this a build thread now, putting two 620's together


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hey all new to the site but i've been lurking for years!


i've always wanted a 620 and finally scored myself a lwb 620 with ALOT of rust. So far i've purchased new rockers and new floor pans for it but i've come to a bit of a holt when I pulled off the old rusted rockers, turns out the inner sill is basically non existent! same as the mounts for the cab, they are all rotted away and all need replacing as well.


unfortunately this project is all happening in my front yard same as all my other cars as I don't have a shed. Is there anyone out there who has replaced inner sills on a 620 before who could give me a few tips? I cant find any to buy off the shelf anywhere so i'm assuming its a fabrication job. any help and info is greatly appreciated!



EDIT: got another one with heaps less rust! let the games begin!

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http://community.ratsun.net/topic/20232-79-620-daily/page-5 Have a look through this. This bloke made up new cab mounts but his inner sills looked fine.....up to you what you end up doing but if its too bad might be worth hunting up a new ute and use your for bits.I've seen some not too bad 620's go for $600 bucks late last year just keep an eye out. 

Might be worth posting some pics of the rust to get others opinions.  Good luck with the project and keep us posted. :)

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So I've had a busy weekend, went and picked up another 620 in much better condition and got started on removing the cab from mine so I can swap them over.


I picked up this little gem from dilligaf on sunday morning, its not complete but it has a hell of alot less rust than mine, just needs the sills replaced and we're good to go! also has an l20b manual box in it and the J15 was strapped to the tray, the search is on for an l20b now to fill the hole, going to look for something to suit rebuild as im planning on messing with it a fair bit.





The end is near for this cab, if anyone wants a free 620 cab with a heap of speed holes and some very dodgy rust repairs let me know, would really only be good if you wanted to cut some parts off it, and its gonna be bare as anything i'll be keeping everything thats bolted to it for spares just in case! i hope to have the cabs swapped by the weekend



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there's no way I could get it to my work mate, the only cars I have are all coupes and drift cars, amazingly the datsun is the most practical thing I own!

Ill grab the cab from you if u can get it to your work? ill bring the l20b down to sweeten the deal.

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No worries mate, whats going to be left of it?

pretty much the cab itself and possibly the door shells, just keep in mind that all sills and floor pan are absolutely rooted and not good for anything. when i've got it all done i'll let you know what ive got left over and i'm sure we can work something out

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So I got busy over my one day weekend and got the cab off, on my own to! surprised me how light the cab actually was without anything bolted to it, I love how easy these things are to work on. been hunting around like mad looking for an L20B and can't seem to find anything thats not a 2+ hour drive away.


While i'm searching for an L20B i'm going to start the rust repairs on the tub because as you can see its pretty bad, lots of fibreglass and bog in this bad boy! also I will be figuring out how to do a body drop on this as well, I've never owned a car that has a separate chassis so this is all new to me! so any tips on doing body drops will be appreciated!


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Got a l20 and a l18 sitting here ;) make a day of it and bring the cab with you.  :thumbup:


Think I might have to come for another visit again soon, unfortunately the cab will be going to scrap on thursday, the parents aren't to impressed with having an upside down cab in the front yard as i'm sure you could imagine!

Man I want that flat bed....

i'm sure we can work something out if you want it bad enough! that little ute is just a spares ute so most stuff will be up for grabs!

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You look familiar?

Were you in the Road Warrior!!!!!!!


not gonna lie i have no idea what road warrior is ha ha

Body drops look pretty complex (wouldn't know haven't done one) but if there's any guide for a 620 would be good to have a read. Im assuming you just cut the floor away from the body and replace the air with sheet metal.

pretty sure ive got it all planned out how im going to do the drop, were getting started on it tommorow so ill post up progress shots


Did the truck you got from me have disc brakes? supposedly the 78-79's did but both of mine don't.

and yeah it does! im pulling all the disc brake stuff off tomorrow to swap it onto mine. might see what options i have for an upgrade as well ive got s13,s14,s15,r32,r33 and some 350z brakes in the shed so ill do some mocking up and see what i can make work without to much modifying

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