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  1. Nope It's definitely Pez's new 620. He's paid the cost to be the boss! :thumbup: Can't wait to see what you do with it Pez.
  2. Hope you get some Photos up the more Aussie G130's the better I say :)
  3. If that's what they are meant to sound like mine must be OK too...;)
  4. Not much of an update but picked up a supersix for bits its all there. Had allof the bits I needed for mine which was mainly windscreen, Disk brakes,Aircon and the L24 with auto & tailshaft. Bit of a facelift just for comparison.
  5. Unfortunately I think you will have to get pretty good at making patch panels yourself :/ I've got a 521 that looks like its going to look exactly like yours if stripped back
  6. What a champ Wayno! That'll make life heaps easier. I'll confirm the length of the Box before I start making the tray but I''l be measuring lockboxes everywhere in the meantime. Got a quote today for a 320 windscreen $550-650 Aud and up to 10 weeks delivery. The windscreen guy is going to try and help me sort out a seal for it. But progress none the less.
  7. Not to scale Just need the depth and the dimensions indicated by the coloured lines to work out where the box will go it'll be a waterproof moulded off the shelf Item so I have to just go with what fits best. Thanks again
  8. That was exactly what I was after wayno Thanks heaps!!! If I was after any other measurements it would just be the depth (top lip to floor ridge), tailgate to rear of wheel arch and front of tub/box to wheel arch. I'll attach an MS paint diagram to show the positions I thought of for the lockbox :P
  9. Just wondering if anyone had internal dimensions for the 320 tub? and the dimensions or the top lip? I've bought one a fair distance from me and have to drive there fit it and come back on a ferry. Wanted to try and build a tray (probably timber) that is actually a Hardtop for the tub. Also wanted to take a waterproof lockbox with me that will fit inside the tub when I'm done. Any help much appreciated ;)
  10. Any trucking company should be able to put you onto someone that would make the Tarp. Then you'd just need to make up some tarp bows
  11. That's made my day! :D That was my only issue with your 620, I almost commented the other week to suggest getting the press stud and bungee type to delete those clips....I even typed it in and I thought I won't say it incase I look negative.
  12. Price is all that dictates how desirable they are. If they are pulling good money then they are desirable, but if they are cheap and you like them grab one. Years ago I had a chance to pick up a stock radio for for a 1966 hr holden for $20 and let it pass because I preferred the blanking plate now they are pulling $150 plus.
  13. Nah I just flicked through it to see if it was worthy of my $10+ dollars, and saw it at an event not sure which sorry.
  14. Yeah thats right, we have "parkers" on before our headlights lights are on at the first click of the headlight switch, but when the headlights are on (second click/full out) they do stay lit. Makes sense now running/parking lights for when you are pulled over so you don't blind oncoming traffic or make them hesitate but they are still aware you are there....not that profound :P but I've never thought about it. We just use them when its not quite dark enough for headlights or overcast and because they look cool. Eccles I saw that bagged wagon is in the new issue of Cruisin' magazine, Saw it here (and the 620/720 site) first though ;)
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